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Windows 8 Special Installation Information
Last Update : 2016/01/01
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How to install CD software on Windows 8

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The installation CDs for Buzz Tools software products are set to automatically start the installation program when the CD is inserted into a computer drive. However, Windows 8 disables the auto run feature. To install your software from the CD, you will need to manually start the installation cd browser.

  1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the CD-ROM or DVD drive where the installation CD is located.
  2. Look for a setup application in the root folder to launch the installation CD browser or alternatively, navigate to the subfolder for your software to directly install the software without the benefit of the installation CD browser. Note: The setup program may not display the extension "exe" - to identify which is the correct file, look for "application" in the file type column when making your selection.
  3. Double click on the setup program to start the program installation.
  4. The installation CD browser should now open and you should proceed with your installation as instructed in your user's guide.

If you are unable to install from the installation CD, you can always download and install the trial version of the software and authorize it with the serial number/key codes provided with your software. The software is the same as the software provided in your software kit.

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