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For Program Updates

Free updates are provided for current versions of our software to correct program bugs, add embroidery hoops and improve file formats. Please check for updates frequently from your program using the Help > Check for Updates command. You may also install your software manually by clicking on a download link below.

BuzzXplore v2 - Version: 2.13

Embroidery Design Management

BuzzEdit Lite - Version: 2.21

Free to BuzzXplore 2 Users

BuzzEdit v3 - Version: 3.16

Embroidery Stitch Editor & Customizer

BuzzSize - Version: 2.08h

Embroidery Resizer & Density Adjustor

BuzzWord 2 - Version: 2.03

Embroidery Lettering & Layout

TTF Windows Font Add-on for BuzzWord

Requires BuzzWord


Installation of font pack is required only for BuzzWord v1 Users.
Reinstall or Update your Software

Buzz-2-Stitches - Version: 1.02

Embroidery Auto-Digitizing Software

BuzzBox - Version: 2.03d

Embroidery Card Reader/Writer