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How to Save a Stitch File

So you want to save a BUZ working file as the stitch based file used by your embroidery machine but you don't know where to start, right? Guess what, it's easier than you think and can be done from many Buzz Tools software programs. So just scroll down this list to find your program and follow the step by step instructions. In no time you will be sewing! Read Complete Article...

Added July 28, 2017

Want to See Your Projects on the Buzz Tools Website?

Sending us your project is easy! Just complete this form and upload the picture(s) of your project. If you used one of the Buzz Tools software programs during your project, let us know that too! We will NOT add an email address link to your project page because we value your privacy just as much as you do! Share Your Project Now...

Added July 20, 2017

Where's My Newsletter?

Have you wondered where your email newsletter is? Well, lately we've been so busy that we haven't been sending out any newsletters at all. We've got lots of exciting news coming up and are going to start sending our Buzz Tools email news every month or two to tell you all about our news, updates and other goodies.

So, if you're still interested in hearing from us, just use the sign up link in the page footer to add yourself to our list again.

Added July 18, 2017