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BuzzWord Tutorial

Perfect Long Text Alignment

Sometimes embroidery projects have long lines of text such as those in the Graduation Picture Frame project shown below. If you have ever tried this yourself, you would quickly bump into the BuzzWord 30 character line limit. While it is pretty simple to enter your text as two text fields, this quick little trick will make sure that your lettering is lined up perfectly every time!

Graduation Frame

We have circled three of the lines of text that are too long to be entered at as one text field. Each of these have to be entered in two separate parts. But to get the alignment perfectly, we have to have something to align. Therefore, we duplicate some of the letters from the first part of the line in the second part. For example, we have repeated the letters "yo" of the word "you" and have shown it below in a contrasting color so you can see it more clearly. In your own projects, you can just keep the coloring the same if you wish.

long text part one

Once you have created your two parts, zoom-in very close on the area (using the mouse in the preview window). Then click and drag the second part of the lettering directly over the top of the first, matching up the needle points of the duplicate letters.

part 3

Now that you have perfect alignment, double-click on the first part of the lettering to edit its properties and remove the duplicate letters from the text field. 

Remove Extra Letters

We're done!

Download Graduation Picture Project

Lisa Laufer       
President and Founding Partner