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Top 5 FAQs
How to manually start the CD installation program
Manually starting the CD installation program
Each time I open the program, it asks me to authorize. How get Windows to remember your authorization information.
Windows not saving the authorization
I lost my serial number. What can I do?
Lost Serial Number or Authorization
Is there a way I can turn my graphics files into embroidery designs?
Turning Graphics into Embroidery Designs
What about Artista ART support?
ART file format support

Recently Added FAQs
Does Buzz Tools v4 run on Windows 10?
Buzz Tools v4 Support for Windows 10
Where can I download my purchased software?
Software downloads
What are the RAM requirements for your software?
Do I need to install the old version of my software before my upgrade?
BuzzBox Error - There is a problem communicating with the Box
Communication error when reading or writing to the BuzzBox

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