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Converting Graphics to Embroidery Designs
Last Update : 2021/04/22
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Can I use BuzzXplore to convert graphics to embroidery designs?

Answer / Solution

BuzzXplore converts from one embroidery file format to another embroidery format AND it can be used to convert one graphics file format to another graphics file format. However, embroidery files and graphics files are very different. Embroidery files are made up of stitches, angles and threads. Graphics files only contain image information in the form of vectors or pixels (dots). Because of this, a graphics file cannot be "converted" into an embroidery design. It must be read, interpreted, and evaluated for embroidery. This requires an advanced auto-digitizing program such as Buzz-2-Stitches. Buzz-2-Stitches Information...

You can also manually digitize designs using BuzzEdit. For more information or to request a trial key visit:  BuzzEdit Information...

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