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FAQ ID # 124
How to get current versions
Last Update : 2021/06/09
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Question / Issue
How do I get the current version of my software?

Answer / Solution

When users come to us for technical support, one of the most common problems is that the user is working with an out-of-date version of their software. Users often waste a lot of time trying to track down a problem that has already been fixed in a more recent release. Because of this, we only provide support for software that is at the most current version.

To automatically check for updates, use the Help > Check for Update command from within your program. The Buzz Tools website is checked for new software updates and the updates are installed for you! This is a reliable and fast way to keep your software up-to-date. You can also manually download update using the Support page for your software.

Buzz Tools Inc. provides free minor updates for at least a year from your date of purchase, for example BuzzEdit 3.01 to BuzzEdit 3.14. However, there is an upgrade fee to go from one major version to another such as going from BuzzEdit version 3 to BuzzEdit version 4. Buzz Tools, Inc. does provide free upgrades for customers who have purchased a product shortly before or after the announcement of a new version is released. Offers are available for a limited time and vary from product to product.

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