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Version vs. Upgrade vs. Update
Last Update : 2021/05/04
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What is the difference between a version, upgrade and update?

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Although version, upgrade and update are often used interchangeably, each term has a distinct meaning.

A software version is a stand-alone edition of a product that is marketed, sold and supported as such. For example, the latest BuzzXplore version is version 4 which replaced BuzzXplore version 2 in September 2020.
A software update is a product revision which improves a versions functionality or fixes known bugs and may be downloaded for free. Changes to the program after installing an update are usually invisible to the users, as updates do not usually add new features. When checking a software version, you will see the version number followed by the update number. For example, a version number of 4.02 would be version 4, update level 2. Use Help > About to view your software version. Use Help > Check for Update to check for an update and optionally apply it to your software.
An upgrade is when you go from one version of a software program to a newer version. For example, a BuzzEdit version 3 user would purchase an upgrade to BuzzEdit 4. Upgrade costs are based on a sliding scale where costs increase the longer your old software has been off of support.

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