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Designs Display with Incorrect Colors
Last Update : 2021/04/22
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Question / Issue
Why don't some of my designs display the "correct" colors?

Answer / Solution

Some embroidery formats such as EMD, DST, EXP and XXX files do not contain color information in them - only color breaks, i.e. markers in the file to let the machines know to stop sewing. These formats often use extraneous color files to store the color information associated with the design. When an extraneous color file is available for a design, BuzzXplore will display the correct colors in the Content pane and will convert using these color choices.

If a color file is missing or deleted, BuzzXplore assigns a color value to each color break so that you can get an idea what the design will look like. However, because BuzzXplore doesn't know what each color block represents, the color assignments always use the the same sequence. If you convert one of these designs, the new designs will use the same BuzzXplore color assignments.

To re-create a missing color file, select the design in the Contents pane and use BuzzTools > Change Thread Colors to assign colors to the color breaks. When you save your changes, the color file is created and the Contents pane is updated.

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