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Last Update : 2007/11/22
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I have a PES/HUS embroidery machine and am interested in the BuzzBox. What other software would I need?

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The BuzzBox will allow you to write PES files to a card to work in your BBD embroidery machine OR write HUS files to a card to work in your Viking HUS embroidery machine. If you want to use other design file formats, you would need to convert them using a conversion program like BuzzXplore. If you want to have the ability edit or customize existing design files, you might be interested in BuzzEdit.

The BuzzBox is a stand alone card reader/writer package that can be expanded with the addition of other Buzz Tools software programs. For example, BuzzXplore is a design management program with build in card writing that can enhance your BuzzBox purchase. BuzzXplore allows your BuzzBox to read additional design file formats. Try all the features of BuzzXplore for 21-days by installing the demo version.

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