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MAC Virtual PC Support
Last Update : 2021/06/10
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Can I run the Buzz Tools family of software on a Mac?

Answer / Solution

The Buzz Tools family of software does not run natively on a but may run under the MAC Virtual PC software. For help in installing or running Virtual PC, you will need to contact your Mac Dealer as we are not qualified to troubleshoot these type of tech support issues.

Start the Virtual PC session as normal.

  • In the Mac Finder, navigate to the 'Documents' folder in your 'Home' folder. Open the 'Virtual PC Scripts' folder.
  • Open the Toggle Compatibility Mode script by double clicking it.
  • The script opens in Script Editor.
  • Click the Run button at the top of the script window.
  • Click OK to the informational dialog that appears.
  • Click Enable in the next dialog.
  • Return to the PC session, which is now running in compatibility mode and will be slower, and run the program as normal.
  • When complete, close the program and return the Virtual PC to normal mode by re-running the script above and selecting Disable at the appropriate time.

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