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BuzzXplore On-the-Fly settings
Last Update : 2010/09/03
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How do I change my on-the-fly settings in BuzzXplore?

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"On-the-fly" is what happens when you double click on a picture of a design displayed in BuzzXplore. This double-click action is referred to a opening a file on-the-fly into your embroidery software. To set up the software relationship between BuzzXplore and your embroidery software, you need to do the following:

NOTE: Please verify that your embroidery software opens correctly from the Windows Start menu before trying to set up your on-the-fly settings.

  1. Verify that you are running the most current version of BuzzXplore by using the File > Check for Updates command.
  2. Open BuzzXplore and go to the View menu and choose Options.
  3. Select your format and click the Edit Open Settings button.

  4. Under Program Name, choose your software. If your software is not listed select other and skip to step 6.
  5. Click the Find it button to have the program search for your software.
  6. Verify what is listed under the Executable File Path. For example, if you have PE Design version 7, but the path shows the folder location as PE-DESIGN Ver5 (see example above), you need to direct the software to the correct program location. Click on the Browse button and navigate to the program location of the software you want the designs to open into.
  7. If you want to set all designs to convert to this format and open into this program, choose the On-The-Fly Convert option to make these changes.
  8. Click OK to close all dialog boxes.
  9. Double click on a displayed design file to verify that your settings have been modified correctly.

If you are still having trouble, please contact tech support via the email link below. Be sure to include the version of BuzzXplore you are running (Help > About window displays this information) as well as the version of embroidery software you have installed and where it is installed on your computer.

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