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Multiple Installations
Last Update : 2021/04/22
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Can I use my software on two computers?

Answer / Solution

Your Buzz Tools software is a single user license and it can be installed on up to two machines - for example, you can install the software on your Windows desktop and laptop. This is a valid use of your license as long as you are the only user and you're not using both computers at the same time. It would not be acceptable to install the program on another computer for use by a "friend" even if they are not using it at the same time you are.

If you have a small business or education facility, please contact the sales department for a commercial use license commercial use license.


To transfer a BuzzXplore 4 or Toolkit 4 product license from one computer to another, FIRST remove the license from the first computer and completely uninstalling it there. To release a license, use Help > Activate / Manage Licenses. Select a license key on the list then click Remove License.

If you're unable to remove a  license from your computer (due to computer or hard drive issues), visit the License Self Help pages. You will find information on how to retrieve your license keys as well as deactivate them.

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