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Change Emphasis with Underlay Settings
Last Update : 2021/06/08
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How can I change emphasis in my designs?

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Although Buzz-2-Stitches is a simplified autodigitizing program, there are a few things you can do to customize the final look of your embroidery design.  For example, by changing the type of underlay used for satin stitch areas, you can create more or less emphasis on these fills in your embroidery design.  These settings can be found by selecting the Advanced Settings button on the Cloth Type & Density dialog.

If your design has many areas of satin stitching that you would like to POP or have a lot of shine in the end result, selecting a GRID underlay type for satin regions can help accomplish this.  If you want a flattened look for the satin areas without so much “loft” or “bump” in the stitching, you may find that selecting the EDGE or CENTER underlay types are more to your liking. 

Center Underlay

Edge Underlay

Grid Underlay

Selecting a different type of underlay can change the look of your resulting embroidery designs.  Try it and have some creative fun!

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