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Viking Reader/Writer Box Replacement
Last Update : 2008/05/07
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Question / Issue
Does the BuzzBox read and write to the original Viking 1+ or Rose programmable cards and read the original non-programmable ones? I can no longer use my Viking parallel reader/writer because my new computer no longer has a parallel port.

Answer / Solution

Most HUS/PES pre-programmed cards can be read by the BuzzBox. Basically, if it can be read and written to by your original writer box, it can be in the BuzzBox. Licensed artwork design cards may not be able to be read (i.e. Woody Woodpecker, Disney, etc fall into this category). If the native card writer can not read the card, the BuzzBox may not read it either.

The BuzzBox feature summary:

  • PES Formatted Embroidery Machines: Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, Simplicity, and White 3300 machines
  • HUS Formatted Embroidery Machines (all Viking except Designer Series)
  • Writes any number of designs per card - not software limited.
  • Includes Reader/Writer Box, USB cable, software installation CD, high capacity 1 MB re-writable memory card
  • Does NOT digitize designs or convert embroidery formats
  • Works with BuzzXplore so you write embroidery cards directly from BuzzXplore (sold separately).

    Screen Capture:

    The BuzzBox retails for $229.95. More information...

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