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Using file filters in BuzzXplore
Last Update : 2008/12/10
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How do I use the file filters in BuzzXplore?

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The File types pane in the upper left corner of the BuzzXplore program window allows you to change what is displayed in BuzzXplore.  For example, if you have a folder with multiple types of files in it and you only want to view the VP3 files you can use the Filtering function of the File Types Pane to quickly remove everything from your display pane except the VP3 files – it doesn’t delete them, it just removes them from view.

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The above shows the default display with All Types of Files being displayed – solid Blue Box next to All File Types in upper left pane.


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Above we have turned off all UnSupported File Types (those shown as icons like PDF files or companion files for certain embroidery formats) as well as all Embroidery formats EXCEPT the VP3 format.


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To quickly reset your display to show all filetypes, click on the View Files of Type button on the menu button bar.  Your filter will be remembered, so if this is one you use often, you can set it one time and easily turn it on and off as you see fit.

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