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Using file filters in BuzzXplore
Last Update : 2021/05/04
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How do I use the file filters in BuzzXplore?

Answer / Solution

The File Filter allows you to change what file types (or formats) are displayed in BuzzXplore. For example if you have multiple formats in a folder and you only want to view the VP3 files, you can use the File Filter to quickly exclude everything in the Contents pane except the VP3 filesBuzzXplore doesn’t delete them, it just hides them from view.

Filter Button

The File Filter pane is located in the upper left corner of BuzzXplore. If you don't see the File Filter, you can toggle it on or off using the Filter button.

By default, the File Filter defaults to displaying All File Types and this is indicated by solid Blue Box next to All File Types in upper left pane.

we removed all file types from the contents pane by clicking the blue box in front of All File Types. Then we opened up the list of embroidery formats by clicking on the + sign in front Embroidery and then adding back in the VP3 files by selecting it from the list. Now the only file type displayed is VP3.

To quickly reset your display to show all file types, click on the Filter button. Your filter will be remembered, so if this is one you use often, you can set it one time and easily turn it on and off as you like.

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