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Windows not saving the authorization
Last Update : 2017/08/06
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Question / Issue
Each time I open the program, it asks me to authorize. How get Windows to remember your authorization information.

Answer / Solution

For whatever reason, your operating system is not remembering the authorization you are entering in. This could be caused by an operating system setting or by a third party program like your antivirus or other system utility.

To resolve this problem and "force" the computer to remember your authorization, please do the following:

  1. Go to the Start menu > Programs > Buzz Tools and right click on the program executable.
  2. From the popup menu choose Run as Administrator
  3. You may be asked to grant permission to do this - please choose YES.
  4. If prompted enter in your serial number and key. Go to the Help menu and choose About to verify that your serial number is listed in this window and it does not say "trial version".
  5. Exit the program.

You should now be able to open the program as normal from now on. If you are prompted by your operating system or by another program that "changes were made to the registry, do you want to keep them?" you must select YES - otherwise you have chosen to unauthorize your software and will need to do this each time you open the program.

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