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Last Update : 2013/07/17
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Do I need to install the old version of my software before my upgrade?

Answer / Solution

If you are trying to upgrade to BuzzEdit v3 OR BuzzXplore v2, you do not have to install your old software. However you will need your old serial number to authorize your software.

  • BuzzEdit v3 Upgrade - requires the new BuzzEdit v3 serial number/key pair AND the serial number from BuzzEdit v2 (full or upgrade)
  • BuzzXplore v2 Upgrade - requires the new BuzzXplore v2 serial number/key pair AND the serial number from either Buzz Tools v4 (full or upgrade) or BuzzXplore Embroidery Edition.

Once you have installed your new software, start the software and choose the Authorize Option. On the first authorization dialog, enter your new information. When you click OK, the software will ask you for the serial number of your old, qualifiying software. Enter your old numbers and click OK. Your software is now authorized and ready to go.

Because your upgrade requires your old serial number, be sure to save them with your new software kit or printed installation email (download versions).

We strongly recommend you register your software online so that we will be able to provide you with your numbers in the future should you misplace them. This is a manual process and is done seperately from program authorization. Register your software now!

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