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Extra Color Break in Multi-Hoop Design Sections
Last Update : 2021/04/22
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Question / Issue
Why does my multi-hoop design add a color break to the end of each design section?

Answer / Solution

For multiple-position designs BuzzEdit has to make sure the design stays locked in the hoop and is not automatically centered by the sewing machine. For some file types the only way to do this is to lay down two locking stitches. BuzzEdit places the locking stitches such that when the machine centers the locking stitches in the hoop, the design is positioned correctly.

For PES files, we could use the PES "Set Sewing Area to Design Page" feature. However, if this feature is used, once the design gets to the sewing machine, the machine will not allow ANY adjustment of the design's position. With multi-hoop designs it is VERY useful to be able to micro-position the design once it gets to the sewing machine. So BuzzEdit turns off the PES "Set Sewing Area to Design Page" feature, and instead uses locking stitches. These are added as the last color break just so that they are easy to skip.

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