Pattern Maker for Cross-Stitch Version 4

Professional Level with Machine Embroidery Add-On By Hobbyware

Pattern Maker for Cross-Stitch (Pro Level with Machine Embroidery Add-On

MSRP 239.95

Easily create cross-stitch designs for your embroidery machine using Pattern Maker/ME. Create patterns from a multiple of sources including photographs, clipart or scanned cross-stitch charts.

Finished patterns can be hand stitched or exported into embroidery machine formats using the integrated Buzz Tools conversion software. Pattern Maker/ME automatically splits oversize designs and provides alignment lines for easy design placement.

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Product Life Notice - No further major enhancements are planned for Pattern Maker at this time. Only limited maintenance releases may be considered in the future with none guaranteed.


  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • For complete list of system requirements, click the Features tab below.


  • Stitch types include: full, half, quarter, petite, back/straight, over 50 different specialty stitches, French Knots, and beads
  • Up to 240 floss colors can be used per design from brands such as DMC® and Anchor.
  • Designs can have up to 999x999 full stitches.
  • Complete printing support including print preview, color printing, and options for controlling the content and size of the printout.
  • Four ways to view a pattern including:
    • Stitch - each stitch is drawn similar to how it actually appears
    • Symbolic - each stitch is replaced with a symbol with color optionally behind the symbol
    • Solid - each stitch is replaced with a filled block
    • Information - pattern information is show including the floss list
  • Drawing and editing via the mouse simply by pointing and clicking.
  • Supports graphics formats BMP, PCX, GIF, TIFF, WMF, JPEG

I use PatternMaker exclusively in all my seminars throughout the country. This software is the most powerful, easy-to-use cross-stitch software on the marketplace today.

Becky McNeill
Cross-Stitch Instructor

Overview of Pattern Maker
by Becky J

Features Include

  • Fabric Size up to 999x999 full stitches
  • Fabric options including color, stitch size & grid style
  • Stitches supported: full, half, quarter, petite, back/straight, specialty (over 50), French Knots, beads
  • Flexible back stitch and straight stitch
  • Draw back stitches in either point-to-point or tracing mode
  • Can repeat the initial orientation of a quarter or half stitch when drawing a sequence of stitches
  • Text entry feature including 50 alphabets by Kooler Design Studio
  • Text entry feature using TrueType fonts. Supports full and petite stitches.
Image Importing
  • Image formats: BMP, PCX, GIF, WMF, JPEG, TIFF plus more
  • Scan directly into the program using a TWAIN compliant scanner
  • Import using the built in wizard or interactively.
  • Converts image into full stitches.
  • Can include image as an underlay for manual tracing of the image
  • Import into a new design or a selected area of an existing design
  • Multiple palette options: Import using a selected brand of floss; Import using a user-selected palette of color; Import using the current palette of an existing design (when importing into an existing design).
  • User-selectable number of colors per design. Use up to 240 color per design.
  • Enhanced color-reduction techniques for reducing the number of colors needed for good results
Page Layout for Reports

The Page Layout feature of Pattern Maker ME allows you to create a custom document layout for your design from within the program.

  • Customize the chart content, graphics, thread tables and pattern information.
  • Chart graphics can include all or just a portion of the layout.
  • Print layout or export as a Rich Text document.
Graphic Exporting
  • Export design as a graphics file (for the chart) and RTF file (for the pattern information)
  • Supports 10 graphics file formats including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TIFF CMYK, and WMF
  • Export design using OLE
Machine Embroidery Support

The Machine Embroidery add-on of Pattern Maker allows you to very easily export your cross stitch designs into one of the common embroidery file formats for stitch-out on a machine.

Note: Only full, half, quarter, back/straight, and French Knot stitches are supported by this feature

  • Design conversion using built-in Buzz Tools® software
  • Hoop size selectable from list or specify a custom size
  • Automatically splits designs that are larger than the selected hoop size
  • Alignment stitches available to aid in the stitch-out of multi-hoop designs
  • Automatically splits designs into multiple files based upon user-selectable stitch and thread-change limits
  • Detailed exporting results to aid in the stitch-out
  • Display of jump stitches
  • Selectable stitch-out thickness for each stitch type and palette color
Specialty Stitches

In generating machine stitches to represent the design, the program attempts to minimize the number of jump stitches required. To aid the user in designing-out jump stitches, the display of jumps stitches (only after exporting) can be enabled.


  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 17 MB of free hard drive space
  • Minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 (16-bit color)

Pattern Maker Examples and Screen Shots

Here are just a few sample Pattern Maker examples and screens.

Lots of ways to be creative

Whether you are wanting to create a cross-stitch design from a photograph or create a new design one box at a time, Pattern Maker has the features you need.

Beautiful Cross-Stitch from Photographs

The Image Importing Wizard makes it easy to create cross-stitch patterns from your images and photographs. From the wizard, crop your image, exclude backgrounds, and even set what portion of your cross-stitch is in the foreground. This foreground is then given priority in the final pattern.

Pattern Maker Workspace

The Workspace

The Pattern Maker workspace can include multiple patterns side by side.

Export to Machine Embroidery Wizard

Export to Machine Embroidery Wizard

The Machine Embroidery Export Wizard makes it easy to convert your pattern into an embroidery machine design. You can keep your finished design in a supported hoop or set your finished size based on the size of your pattern. Alignment hoops are added automatically!

Exports These Embroidery Formats


With conversions by Buzz Tools, you know it will stitch right!


The following comments were submitted by users of Pattern Maker. We'd love to include yours! Submit your comments now!

I have been using Pattern Makers now for close to seven years I think, and would not use any other. I have converted two or three people to the program including my 80 year old mother.

I love the ease and understanding of the program most of all, and the ease with which I can scan and convert photos into wonderful cross stitch charts for sale.

Charlotte Bradfield
Houston, Alaska

I have been using the Pattern Maker Pro for Machine Embroidery software for quite a while now. It keeps getting better and better. I thought it was great to begin with! But it is easier now. I have used the software to make most of the cross stitch designs that I sell from my site - Murphy's Designs This program makes it so much easier to make beautiful things happen with your embroidery machine. I have all 3 of the major machine embroidery cross stitch software packages. I USE the Hobbyware Pattern Maker software. The others just can't compare. The support for this program is one of the best parts. They really care that you bought their product and want you to be able to use it. It is an easy to use and easy to understand program. I could go on and on about Pattern Maker but I think the best way is for you to try it for yourself to see what you think. It is a great program. Happy stitching!"

Murphy (Marian Ecker)
Murphys Designs

Pattern Maker version 4 for Professionals has allowed me to take my designing to a more professional level. I'm particularly pleased with the improved import features. The program allows for a greater level of flexibility, bead placement, and page overlaps. I'm also quite happy with the responsiveness of the tech support staff (Thanks, Scott!). I encourage you to give Pattern Maker version 4 a try!

Sarah Givens
Desert Knight Enterprises, Inc.