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Category: For Baby

Baby Bib 2

Contributed by: Carol Greenstone
Website: Kepla

I used one of my grandson's bibs as a template and traced around the bib and added 1/2", 1/4" for sewing the seams and 1/4" because I wanted a little larger bib. I cut the back and front together so they'd be exactly the same size .I toke a design I purchased at and used my BuzzEdit to split the design and BuzzSize to reduce the size and embroidered it onto the front pre cut piece of the bib. Then I sewed the wrong sides of the bib all around except the neck opening, so I could turn it inside out. Then I sewed the neck and zig zagged all around to give it an over lock stitch look. I sewed pieces of Velcro on the neck end. Because I used a colorful fabric on the back, the bib is reversible.