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Category: For Baby

Burp Cloth

Contributed by: Carol Greenstone
Website: Kepla

I used my BuzzEdit to change the colors on this design to the colors of my grandson's room. I embroidered the design about 3" above one side of a cloth diaper, so that it was sort of at the bottom of one side when placed over the shoulder. I took the cloth diaper, folded in the sides about 1" and stitched them in place with one of the fancy stitches built into my Singer XL 1000. Sewed fabric strips on the ends (a 2" width and slightly longer then the length of the folded diaper so I could tuck it in, sew it and have it be even with the end of the diaper, folded so that 1/2 the width was showing on the front and 1/2 folded over to the back) I sewed it in place and sewed one of the Singers designs on the strip.