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Category: For Baby

Princess Baby

Contributed by: Carol Greenstone
Website: Kepla

These are a couple gifts I made for my niece and her daughter, due in September. The babies bedroom is being done in a Princess theme, so I found a few designs that went perfectly with the room. The clock design I got from Embroidery Library I just added the name of the new baby around the castle. The flannel blanket I made uses a design that was meant to have open spaces for jewels to be glued into, but that didn't seem like a good idea for a baby blanket; so I used my BuzzEdit to create my own jewel affect with ruby stones embroidered in instead. I also used BuzzEdit to create a little heart as a dot over the "I" in Kadin, on both the clock and the blanket. -- Carol Greenstone

BTW, I love that my BuzzXplore shows my designs and jpg images. I can number my designs and my projects using those designs so that they are right next to each other in BuzzXplore. It gives me a better idea of what the embroidered design really looks like and reminds me of the projects I've already used them in.