Buzz Tools v3 Upgrade Forgiveness

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You've had your Buzz Tools program for as long as you can remember. You might have even purchased it with your first embroidery machine. It has been your faithful friend for over a decade. Buzz Tools Plus worked so great that you ignored our pleas to upgrade. Why fix what works for you? Oh we have heard it and we understand.

But now your old computer has died or you just decided it was time to get a new computer. But what happens to your Buzz Tools Plus software? Your "Old Faithful"? Well, unfortunatly it just doesn't install anymore. It's not our fault - it's just that too much time has lapsed and let's face it - computers of today are nothing like the computers of ten years ago.

And looking on our website, you find that your favorite software "Buzz Tools Plus" isn't even available anymore? Have no fear! Buzz Tools Plus has moved forward too and has been replaced by an even better design management tool - BuzzXplore.

We Forgive You!

We want you to have BuzzXplore - the best design management software available! Although you are not able to use the BuzzXplore Upgrade version, we are making it easier for you to upgrade by providing Buzz Tools Plus users a coupon for 25% off the full version of BuzzXplore. BuzzXplore retails for $149.95 - so your price after applying the 25% coupon is just $119.95.

ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIREDFor Buzz Tools Plus version 2 or 3 Users Only. Buzz Tools v4 users should purchase the regular BuzzXplore Upgrade as the pricing will be much better for you.

The use of your personal information complies with our privacy policy. Buzz Tools, Inc. will not divulge your information to anyone.

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