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FAQ ID # 102
ART file format support
Last Update : 2021/04/21
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Question / Issue
What about Artista ART support?

Answer / Solution

The Bernina Artista format has many different versions and levels of support in the Buzz Tools software family. The following support for the Artista format is provided by these Buzz Tools products:

BuzzXplore 4: Support for the various Artista formats and machines in the following manner:

  1. Display ART, ART42, ART50, ART60 files with stitch and colorbreak information.
  2. Convert from ART, ART42, ART50, ART60 files to other stitch file formats like PES, JEF or EXP, for example.
  3. Open ART, ART42, ART50, ART60 files into included BuzzEdit Lite as VP3 files for color changing and other minor editing included with this program. If you own BuzzEdit 4 Toolkit, you can open them directly into the Toolkit 4 for advanced editing in this program.
  4. Write designs to a formatted USB drive (ie Bernina drive) in the EXP format with supporting files required by the machine for stitching on Bernina 200/730/830.
  5. Read from Bernina drives and save the files back to your computer.

BuzzEdit 4 Toolkit Products (Buzz-2-Stitches, BuzzEdit, BuzzSize and BuzzWord): Opens and/or imports ART format up to and including ART60. BuzzEdit does not, however, save in the ART format. 

None of the Buzz Tools programs save or convert to the ART format. Many of the Bernina embroidery machines will read the EXP format or come with software that will import other formats like the EXP, HUS or PES formats which all of our software programs support.

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