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Adding a Custom Font in BuzzWord
Last Update : 2013/09/23
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I want to add fonts I purchased to BuzzWord. Can I do this?

Answer / Solution
BuzzWord has a function called "add custom font" that allows you to create a keyboard font from alphabet embroidery designs.
This function works with embroidery designs - a.pes, b.pes, c.pes etc - any supported embroidery format. You do not need to convert them to another embroidery format first. For example if you downloaded an alphabet in the PES format but you have a Janome machine that uses the JEF format, you can map the PES designs and the program will convert them to JEF when you use the font in the program.
The alphabet designs must be unzipped and in a folder - saving them to a folder with a name that describes the "font" is very helpful. If you have several sizes of the font, store each one in its own folder. For example, you might have an "apple alphabet - 1 inch" and an "apple alphabet - 2 inch" By storing the size of the font in the folder name and the custom font name, you make it easier to find just the right sized font.
The process of "mapping" the custom font is done through the View > Font Properties > Add Custom Font dialog.
A video describing this mapping process can be found on Youtube Video Link
Once you have mapped the alphabet designs as a custom font, it will be listed in the font pulldown menu in the program.
Custom fonts have a * at the end of their name to distinguish them from those built into the program. Currently you can add 100 custom fonts to the program.

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