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How to manually start the CD installation program
Manually starting the CD installation program 
What about Artista ART support?
ART file format support 
Does your software run on Android tablets/phones?
Supported operating system 
Do I need to install old software versions before I install my upgrade?
Where can I download my purchased software?
Software downloads 
I lost my installation CD or Buzz-2-Stitches dongle. How can I obtain a replacement?
Lost Installation CD or Buzz-2-Stitches Dongle 
I have a multi-position hoop and it is not listed as a supported hoop in BuzzXplore. How can I add this hoop?
Multi-position Hoop support 
Can I use my software on two computers?
Multiple Installations 
Does Buzz Tools software work with any digitizing software or will it only work with Buzz Tools digitizing software?
Software Dependencies and Requirements 
Does BuzzXplore support Bernina embroidery machines?
BuzzXplore Bernina Support 
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