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BuzzWord quickly and easily adds lettering to your embroidery projects. You can import multiple embroidery designs to layout into new projects - with or without lettering. In addition to the beautiful variety of built-in fonts, turn your alphabet designs into keyboard fonts for perfect placement every time!

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You'll find BuzzWord an intuitive and user friendly program that was designed by a home embroiderer for you - the home hobbyiest!

  • Includes 30 Scalable fonts - Beautiful alphabets for your projects. Scalable fonts can be modified in a variety of ways including fitting custom shapes, following paths or resizing.
  • Create custom stitch-based fonts from your alphabet designs
  • Simple program wizard makes mapping your embroidery alphabets quick and painless.
  • Vertical or horizontal text with the ability to fit custom path
  • Import one or more embroidery designs for combination layouts or use BuzzWord to layout embroidery projects without lettering.
  • Convert Formats while saving - Designs can be save in any of the supporte formats regardless of the source format.
  • Supports 15 popular home embroidery formats
  • Runs as a standalone program or Integrates seamlessly into BuzzEdit (purchased seperately)



Using the Built-in Scalable Fonts You Can:

  • Set Font Size
  • Fit to Path
    Screen Shot
  • Envelope the letters to create monograms or other decorative lettering applications
  • Change colors
  • Fully adjustable bold, slant and density
  • Adjust spacing between letters
  • Over 40 fill stitches available

Create Custom Fonts

  • Turn your alphabet designs into a keyboard font for perfect alignment and color sorting.
  • Wizard to "map" the alphabet to BuzzWord is as simple as choosing the location of the alphabet designs and typing the key assignment.

  • Custom fonts allow for fast, accurate and evenly placed lettering designs from your collection.


Text Operations

  • Vertical or Horizontal Text
  • Text strings are easy to edit should you need to change wording or correct spelling.
  • Realistic 3-D preview window
  • Print Placement Templates
  • Sew Simulator

Design Layout

  • Import existing designs for lettering projects
  • Mirror image designs horizontally or vertically
  • Rotate designs to any angle.
  • Change thread colors

Graphics Support

  • Display graphics files along side of your embroideries. Great for keeping pictures of your projects.
  • Accurately convert graphics from one graphics format to another.
  • Create graphic "snap shots" of your embroidery designs in beautiful, realistic 3-D.

Print Reports

  • Print actual Size templates which are perfect for use in design placement.


  • Beautiful applique and matching stackable alphabet (provided by Five Star Fonts) make it even easier to get started with Custom Stitch Fonts. We even map them to your keyboard for you!



BuzzWord Screenshots & Text Samples

Here are just a few sample BuzzWord screens. Click on any screen to view it full size and click again to close it.

BuzzWord Workspace
See larger image

The BuzzWord workspace gives you a realistic 3-D preview of your designs, a spatial workspace window and the patented Stitches-in-Time windows which give you insight into how your designs stitch in time.

Actual Size Pop-up
See larger image

The actual size pop-up window lets you see a larger view of your design in realistic 3-D which makes it especially easy to view fill patterns and outlines.

Envelope Text

Transform scalable fonts to fit custom shapes you create!

Screen Shot
See larger image

Create custom paths for text to follow. Align text above, through or below path. Text can be centered, justified or aligned left or right along the path.

Project Layout
See larger image

Combine any number of designs and text in your projects. You can even use BuzzWord as a design layout tool - no lettering is required!

Screen Shot
See larger image
Quickly map your stitch based alphabet designs! Adjust the baseline as needed for individual characters.


Formats Supported

BuzzWord supports the following file formats and manufacturer's. Whenever possible, we will continue to add support for newer versions of these file formats. The time required  to do this is variable and cannot be estimated. Please contact our sales office if you have any questions.

NOTE: Due to product release cycles, you may need to download the latest update in order to support all of the formats listed.


 Embroidery Machine

Open / Import Save
ART v1-3 Bernina artista, OESD Yes -
BUZ Buzz Tools Objects Yes Yes
CND Melco Condensed Yes -
CSD POEM, Singer EU, Viking Huskygram Yes Yes
DST Tajima Yes Yes
EMD Elna Xpressive Yes Yes
EXP Dos Expanded Yes Yes
GNC Great Notions Condensed Yes -
HUS Viking Husqvarna Yes Yes
JEF Janome / New Home Yes Yes
JEF+ Janome / New Home Yes Use JEF for these machines
OEF OESD Condensed Yes -
PCS Pfaff Yes Yes
PEC Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, Brother, Simplicity Yes -
PES Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, Brother, Simplicity Yes Yes
PHC Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, Brother  Yes -
SEW Elna, Janome / New Home, Kenmore Yes Yes
SHV Viking Husqvarna Yes -
VIP VIP Customizing Yes Yes
VP3 Pfaff Yes Yes
XXX Singer XL, Compucon Yes Yes


What users are saying...

The following comments were submitted by users of BuzzWord. We'd love to include your comments! Submit your comments now!

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I absolutely would not get as much use out of my embroidery machine if I didn't have Buzz Tools software. I keep my files organized with BuzzXplore. I have a folder set up for each category, for instance Horses. When I bring up horses, my collection is right there. Under my floral folder I have a subfolder for each variety of flower, rose, lily, violet, etc.

BuzzEdit with Buzz Size installed allows me resize, change colors, change stitch density, remove parts of a design, print a template for placement, etc. I just couldn't do without it. By using the template I can place it exactly in the right place in the hoop.

I am a quilter and use BuzzWord for all kinds of projects. It makes beautiful labels for my quilts. I usually design the wording on my label and add a border or corner design to make the label look really nice.

All in all I would definitely recommend Buzz products."

Carol Smith

I was given BuzzWord as a Christmas gift, I have been using it to put names on towels, also on Christmas stockings, its easy to use, the fill stitches are very good, the sizing is excellent, saving to files is handy, I also have Buzz Size & Buzz Explore

Michelle Weickhorst
Caboolture, Queensland Australia

I've had BuzzWord for some time now, and just got the new Font Pack for Christmas!!! Yeah!! I LOVE your software and have been thrilled with the success I've had with BuzzWord! I can easily import design files, add text, move things around, and change colors. It's amazing and super easy! Thanks so much for the wonderful products!

Susan Jenson
Portland, OR

I have wasted my money on several other embroidery lettering programs - including one that tries to imitate BuzzWords stitch font mapping feature. However, NONE of them come close to the simplicity and ease of BuzzWord. Stick with BuzzWord - you won't be sorry. The software is easy to use and the Buzz Tools staff is terrific!

Shawn Black
St. Petersburg, FL

When I heard the term “mapping a font” I thought I would need a GPS for my computer. Adding all the individual letter files I had saved to a folder was so easy using the wizard in BuzzWord. My 4 year old grandson likes to sing the alphabet as I “map” the designs to the keys on my keyboard and now I can line up monograms and names with these purchased fonts in no time flat! I should have known Buzz Tools would have found an easier way for me to do this! Thanks!

Irene in TX

I am an avid user of Buzz Tools software. My favorite right now is the new Buzz Word. It takes all the tedious work out of creating monograms. You can create words to embroidery on wall hangings, clothing, etc as fast as you can type. You just import the alphabet letters, tie them to your keyboard with key strokes.

Joyce Trull
Embroidery Enthusiast

Just wanted to thank you for quick and easy transaction with Buzz Tools. I have begun using my BuzzWord software and found it to be the easiest embroidery software ever. I have used a lot of other software programs with the free trials and wasted a lot of time when I should have just gone with you straight away, A very happy customer thank you, Joanna

Happy BuzzWord User

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP with latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 500 MB of free hard drive space
  • Windows-compatible CD-ROM drive for installation (not required for the download version of the software)
  • Minimum display resolution: 1024 x 768 (16-bit color)


for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP (32-bit or 64-bit editions). Runs on Virtual PC

Check the Learning Center for the BuzzWord User Manual, Video Tutorials and more!

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