Embroidery Card & Drive Writing

BuzzBox - PES / HUS Embroider Card Writer


Read or write PES / HUS Embroidery Cards

The fastest and easiest method for transferring embroidery designs to your PES or HUS formatted embroidery machines. Reads pre-programmed embroidery cards, designs downloaded from the internet or purchased on CDs. For PES or HUS formatted embroidery machines. USB Attached.

For Windows 98 - 8. Does not yet support Windows 10

BuzzXplore - Embroidery Design Management Software


Organize - Convert - Catalog - Print Reports & Templates - Write Embroidery Drives

TOP SELLER - In addition to be a top selling embroidery design management software, it also writes your embroidery USB drives and even SHV formatted floppy drives for your older Husqvarna embroidery machine. BuzzXplore can also add functionality to the BuzzBox and fully supports its card reading/writing functions.