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BuzzWord Tutorial

Creating Multiple Lines of Text (BuzzWord v1 ONLY)

This tutorial is for BuzzWord v1 which does not allow multiple lines of text to be entered on the Enter Text dialog and does not include alignment tools. The current version of BuzzWord doesn't require this information but it is kept here for users of the version.

Beautiful and creative embroidery projects often include sayings with multiple lines of text like the one displayed below. Although BuzzWord only creates one line of text at a time, it's still super easy to create these types of embroideries. In fact, this design took just a few minutes to create. Let's see how this is done!

Sometimes being a mother

First, a new workspace is opened and the hoop is selected using the View > Hoop Properties command. Since this design has several lines of text, I have selected the largest horizontal hoop supported by my embroidery machine. Now let's set up the grid we'll use when we lay out our design. This is done using theView > Preferences command. When setting up the grid, think about how you want the lines of text spaced. Here we are using a .25" inch grid but remember that you can always change the grid latter if needed.

BuzzWord Preferences Dialog

Add each line of text, one line at a time using the Create Text tool located on the top of the left toolbar. For now, you can just put them into an approximate position in the hoop. Adjust the text colors, size and font to get just the type of text and style you are looking for.

Add text

Once all of the text has been added, each line is positioned separately. Select and drag the first line of text vertically into position. Since the grid is set to 1/4", it is dragged until the baseline of the text lines up with the grid, leaving a 1/4" space between it and the text below. Remember you can zoom in the display if needed.

Drag the line of text into position

But wait -- how are we going to make sure these separate lines are all centered correctly? That's easy too. While a line of text is selected, just use the BuzzTools > Center > Horizontal command.

Center Horizontally

When we are all finished positioning the text, everything looks great but the entire design didn't end up in the middle of the hoop. No worries! To correct this, just select the entire design using Ctrl+A and center again, this time using the BuzzTools > Center > Both command. Because everything was selected, BuzzWord takes the entire group and positions it to the center of the hoop. That's it!

Use these same principles for embroidery designs with left or right justified text but instead of using the center command, use the grid as a guideline for positioning.

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Lisa Laufer
President and Founding Partner