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BuzzEdit 4
A BuzzEdit Toolkit Product

Single User License
Upgrade from v3 US $95
Upgrade from v1-2 US $130
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Embroidery Design Editing & and Customizing Software

Stitch Editor - Auto-Hoop - Layout - Customize - Wreath & Border Creator - Digitizer

You will be amazed at what you can do with BuzzEdit. It is a powerful stitch editor, an auto-hooping program, a layout program, a basic digitizing program, a customizer and an automatic wreath and border creator. It's like having SIX programs in one! Request Trial License


  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP with latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 500 MB of free hard drive space
  • Minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 (16-bit color)
  • How to Run BuzzEdit on a MAC


While BuzzEdit started as a simple embroidery stitch editor, it has continued to grow into a robust tool for customizing and creating embroideries!

  • Embroidery Stitch Editing - BuzzEdit provides powerful stitch editing capabilities. Add, delete or move stitches.
  • Digitized objects are retained in the BUZ file for future editing -
  • Appliqué function - create position tack down & finishing in one step
  • Continuous Border Wizard - create continuous borders with ease & accurate alignment
  • Wreath Wizard - quickly create coordinating wreath & label designs - colors are sorted for you automatically to save you time
  • Automatically Split designs for Multiple Position Hoops
  • Updated thread palettes and hoops
  • Updated print functions with new print worksheet function creates a detailed printout to show you color breaks for better thread selections and more efficient time at the machine - updated template includes name of design, cross hair options, better graphics and more.
  • UPDATED formats, thread palettes and new Embroidery hoops including JEF and PES hoops.
  • IMPROVED embroidery hoop handling with hoop rotation and the ability to hide hoops that you don't use.
  • NEW - Works with all other BuzzEdit 4 Toolkit products.
  • Save designs in 13 popular home embroidery formats. Import 22 formats.

New with Toolkit 4

I use BuzzEdit constantly to help me in my designing and editing for my creations that feature on my website. It is simple and fast to use. Actually it inspired me to expand on my ideas for designs. I could not do without BuzzEdit and BuzzSize...

-- Lynn Ruggles, President
Letz Rock Embroidery

Features Include

Powerful User Interface
  • Wizards Make Customizing Projects Easier
  • Easy to Use Graphical Interface
  • Realistic 3-D Reference Window
  • Powerful Stitch Time Graphs Provide Easy Selection and more
  • Instant On-Screen Refresh
  • Updates Automatically from the Web
  • Support for the most current embroidery hoops and multi-hoops
  • Simplified Custom Hoop Layout - Choose your hoop, enter the dimensions of your design and all calculations are done for you.
  • Print Placement Templates for Regular and Multi-Hoops for Perfect Placement
  • Print Template
  • Printed Worksheet Creates a Detailed Printout for Use at the Machine
Enhanced Digitizing and Design Creation
  • Continuous Border Wizard makes it Easy to Create and Sew Repeating Borders
  • Wreath Wizard - Quickly create coordinating wreath & label designs. Colors are sorted automatically to save you time
  • Enhanced digitizing tools - objects are retained in the BUZ file for future editing
  • Appliqué function - create position tack down & finishing in one step
  • Use Background Graphics
  • Optional Background Grid with Custom Color and Spacing
  • Create Outlines in Running, Bean or Zig-Zag
  • Create Custom Shapes such as ellipses, rectangles, custom shapes and Columns
  • Cut Holes in Designs -- useful for creating clocks, button holes and light switch covers
  • Change object attributes such as fill pattern, stitch density, pull compensation and more.
Auto Hoop Functions
  • Automatically Split Designs for Multi-Hoops including Hoop-it-All
  • Manual Slice Tool - for manually splitting designs
  • Optionally add additional needlepoints or feather edge to soften the point of overlap.
Embroidery Design Editing
  • Robust Stitch Editing Capabilities
  • Reverse Stitch Order of a Selection
  • Convert Embroidery Formats
  • Change Stitch Types
  • Basic Editing Functions i.e. mirror, rotate, etc...)
  • Change Colors and/or Color order
  • Add or Remove Color Breaks
  • Enhanced Slice Tool for More Control over Slicing Location
  • Merge Multiple Designs into One Layout
  • Layout Huge Designs in predefined or custom multi-hoops
  • Free Form Multi-Hoop Layout - place hoops exactly where you want them
  • Automatically Add Multi-Hoop Alignment Stitches
  • Automatically Add Basting Stitches to single or multi-hoop designs.
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  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP with latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 500 MB of free hard drive space
  • Minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 (16-bit color)

BuzzEdit Screenshots & Report Samples

Here are just a few sample BuzzEdit screens and reports. Click on any screen to view it full size. Click on the X to close the model window and return to this page.

BuzzEdit Workspace

The Workspace

The BuzzEdit workspace give you a realistic 3-D preview of your designs, a spatial workspace window and the patented Stitches-in-Time windows which give you insight into how your designs stitch in time.

Actual Size Pop-up

The Actual Size Popup

Actual Size Preview

The actual size pop-up window lets you see a larger view of your design in realistic 3-D which makes it especially easy to view fill patterns and outlines.

Slice out design elements using the Slice Tool

Elements from Your Design

Using the Slice Tool you can quickly cut out specific areas of your design and save them as new designs. It's a great way to create complementary designs for a project. We saved this flower from our bee design and used it to create the wreath and border designs below.

Create Wreath Wizard

Create Wreaths

The Create Wreath Wizard allows you to create an abundance of embroidery designs from frames, labels, wreaths and snowflakes. Choose the shape, number of repeats as well as other options for a unique and beautiful wreath that is all your creation!

The flower element from our design makes a lovely complementary design.

Flower Wreath

By making a few selections with our flower design, we have created a beautiful floral wreath.

Repeating Border Design

Flower Border

The same embroidery design can be used to create a repeating border. The Border Wizard automatically adds alignment stitches so that your border designs stitch correctly at the machine.

Printed Worksheet

The printed worksheet is the perfect reference at your embroidery machine.

Printed Worksheet

Print a worksheet of your embroidery design for all the information needed at the embroidery machine.

Placement Teplate

Use the placement template to ensure exact design placement on your project.

Print Placement Templates

Print placement templates for regular and multiple position hoops (built in or custom). These allow for perfect placement every time.

Supported Embroidery Formats

Opens & Saves
  • Buzz Tools / BUZ
  • Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco 500 / PEC
  • Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco 500 / PES
  • Compucon / XXX
  • Elna Xpressive, Xquisite / EMD
  • Janome New Home / JEF
  • Janome New Home / SEW
  • Melco Explanded /EXP
  • Pfaff / PCS
  • Pfaff / VIP
  • Pfaff / VP3
  • Poem / Singer EU, Viking Huskygram / CSD
  • Singer PSW / XXX
  • Singer / PEC
  • Singer / PES
  • Tajima / DST
  • Viking Husqvarna / HUS
  • Viking Husqvarna / VIP
  • Viking Husqvarna / VP3
  • White / PEC
  • White / PES
Opens Only - You will have to save in one of the above formats
  • Bernina Artista / ART versions 1-6
  • Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco 500 / PHC
  • Janome New Home / JEF+ save as JEF format for these machines
  • Pfaff / PCQ
  • Great Notions Condensed / GNC
  • Melco Condensed / CND
  • OESD Condensed / OEF
  • Viking Husqvarna / SHV

Background Graphic Formats Supported (NO GRAPHIC TO EMBROIDERY FUNCTIONS)

  • Compuserve Graphics Interchange Format / GIF
  • Jpeg / JPG
  • Paintbrush / PCX
  • Portable Network Graphics / PNG
  • Tagged Image Format File / TIF
  • Windows Bitmap / BMP
  • Windows Enhanced Metafile / EMF
  • Windows Metafile / WMF

For automatic Graphic to Embroidery design generation, purchase Buzz-2-Stitches software.


The following comments were submitted by users of BuzzEdit. We'd love to include yours! Submit your comments now!

I absolutely would not get as much use out of my embroidery machine if I didn't have Buzz Tools software. Buzz Edit with Buzz Size installed allows me resize, change colors, change stitch density, remove parts of a design, print a template for placement, etc. I just couldn't do without it. By using the template I can place it exactly in the right place in the hoop.

Carol Smith

I use BuzzEdit constantly to help me in my designing and editing for my creations that feature on my website. It is simple and fast to use. Actually it inspired me to expand on my ideas for designs. I could not do without BuzzEdit and BuzzSize Then you come to Buzz-2-Stitches -- Just amazing. This program sends me into a designing frenzy, as shown on my website. Love them ALL...Thanks Buzz Tools.

Lynn Ruggles
Letz Rock Embroidery

I digitize with many different digitizing programs, but I always finish off designs with BuzzEdit. If it's a JEF design my three digitizing programs will produce a JEF design but not one of them will store the hoop size info. But if I open and re-save the JEF file in BuzzEdit, the resulting design does indeed contain the hoop size info. That's true of several other formats as well.. one of the few that will. Thank Goodness for BuzzStuff.

Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Buzz Edit is not just for the Hoop-It-All. I have both a Designer 1 and a Brother 300S. I use two different computers so my dongles are always on the other machine. I have set my computer to open all designs into Buzz Edit. I use it to easily see which color is which, the color order, how the design stitches, and the best of all the ability to reverse stitch order to have fills sew from top to bottom or left to right in one direction. It is wonderful to be able to check out the design and fix it all in one program. It is my favorite program and I wouldn't be without. It is the most necessary program for embroidery. Also, the updates that keep the program current is so responsive.  Thank you for a great product.

Jan Olsen
Embroidery Hobbyist, USA

Just wanted to share a tidbit with y'all. I'd been working diligently with PE Design Version 4 Photo Stitch and just couldn't get some of the color areas to break. . . . I didn't want my grandson's eyes to be the same color as his hair! It was a breeze changing the colors in BuzzEdit. . . . .a terrific supplement to any digitizing software package >I'm sure - but a real bonus when working with Photo Stitch!

Mary Alice in Birmingham
Owner & Moderator of Embroidery Alabama,
a OneList/EGroup for machine embroidery enthusiasts
throughout Alabama and surrounding areas.

BuzzEdit is the most powerful, yet easiest to learn design editing program on the market. Every aspect of editing has been considered, from stitch density manipulation, to multi-hoop designs. A well-written manual plus plenty of online support caps the deal for me. Lisa Laufer has taken an embroider's approach to developing the finest software available. Thanks, Lisa, keep up the great work!

Patty Sliney
Goshen, IN

BuzzEdit is wonderful! Thank you so very much for creating it and making it available to us all.

As an embroidery designer I find BuzzEdit invaluable for editing my multi-hoop designs, i.e. Pfaff Big Hoop & Hoop-It-All's Giant Hoop. It helps me to make sure my multi-hoop designs will fit together properly without the previous trial and error method. With BuzzEdit I can see how the designs fit together and make any necessary adjustments immediately. BuzzEdit also helps me to create an excellent visual aide to show my customers how to embroider and assemble my Giant Hoop designs.

Until I sat down with the BuzzEdit manual I didn't understand how the 'Stitches-in-Time' feature worked. All I can say is WOW! I use it all the time now. What a wonderful time saver.

Thank you again. I can't wait to see what wonderful program Buzz Tool's developers next!

Sincerely, Patti Porter
Patti’s Portfolio
Editor’s Note: Patti is an award winning machine embroidery designer and digitizer.
She is also a national instructor and the author of several embroidery tutorials

I can not stress enough how much I treasure Lisa Laufer's software program, Buzz Edit™. When I first sat in on her class at MEEC 2000 watching her demonstrate this program I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had heard about this soon to be released program, but like others had to see it for myself. BuzzEdit™ did everything I was told the program would do and more. Of course I had to purchase mine right away. I wasn't going to leave Vegas without it and I didn't.

Skippy Pickett
Skippy's Creative Embroidery, Finksburg, MD

I got BuzzEdit and the fun began.  I've got a lot to learn but I have to say BuzzEdit is rated AAAA+ in my book.

Enid Seidel
65 yr. young Grandma to 5

I looked into BuzzEdit because my husband had bought me a Giant Hoop-It-All as a gift. I was just overwhelmed by trying to layout designs for it without supportive software. I discovered Buzz Edit was not hard to learn.

It is not only perfect for laying out designs for the Giant Hoop It All, but I also enjoy using it for all of my editing jobs. Editing with BuzzEdit is either quicker and easier than with my machine specific software, or possible where it had been impossible!

Kathy Jones

I am thrilled with Buzz Edit. When I received the Giant Hoop-it-All, for my Viking 1+, I purchased this program. I am so pleased with the ease of the editing capabilities . It is an excellent compliment to the other programs I have.

Janice Brown
Little Brown Jug Designs
Crown Point, IN