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About Us

Lisa A. Laufer

President and Founding Partner

Buzz Tools started in 1997 by Lisa A Laufer, a personal home embroiderer who got tired of doing the same routines over and over again just to convert embroidery design formats or print embroidery design information sheets. Our first product, Buzz Tools Plus was the first home embroidery design software that could print detailed design catalogs, convert embroidery designs in mass and launch other manufacturers embroidery software.

Buzz Tools Plus helped embroidery enthusiasts enjoy their hobby or embroidery business even more. However, customers started asking for more. They wanted even more easy-to-use affordable software and embroidery solutions. And so, the entire family of Buzz Tools software products was developed.

Over the years, Buzz Tools has evolved and expanded -- thanks to you, our customers. By responding to your changing needs and wants, we've been able to offer products that really work for you.

Lisa is still directly involved with all new products developed and the day-to-day operations of the company. Her love of embroidery and the embroidery community can be found in each of our products.

Buzz Tools... for your hobby or business

Our software selection has grown to include many software solutions with unique features you won't find anywhere else. And because Buzz Tools software was developed from the ground up with the home user and small business in mind, you will find our products are especially easy for you to use and include the features you need most. Of course you'll still find the innovative Buzz Tools Plus that first defined us but now it's marketed under the new name "BuzzXplore".

Our customer promise:

  1. To exceed your expectations of our products and your shopping experience with us
  2. To provide our resellers with what they need to thrive in the competitive marketplace
  3. To provide especially easy-to-use products at an affordable price