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Creating New Embroidery Designs

Buzz-2-Stitches - Auto-Digitizing Software

A BuzzEdit 4 Toolkit Product


Automatically Create Embroidery Designs from Graphics

Buzz-2-Stitches is the EASIEST way to turn graphics into beautiful embroideries with just a few simple choices. Great for beginning hobbyists and experienced hobbyists, too!

Upgrade (Must have original dongle) - US $95
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BuzzEdit Embroidery Design Editing & Manual Digitizing Software

A BuzzEdit 4 Toolkit Product


Stitch Editor - Auto-Hoop - Layout - Customize - Auto-Design Creator - Manually Digitize

You will be amazed at what you can do with BuzzEdit. It's a powerful stitch editor, an auto-hooping program, a layout program, a basic digitizing program and more!

Upgrade from BuzzEdit v3 - US $95
Upgrade from BuzzEdit v1 or v2 - US $130
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