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Auto-Digitizing Software With Appliqué & Cross-Stitch Motif

Automatically Turn Graphics into Beautiful Embroideries

Buzz-2-Stitches is the EASIEST way to turn graphics into beautiful embroideries with just a few simple choices. Don’t be taken in by more expensive alternatives. Buzz-2-Stitches is all you need! Great for beginning hobbyists and experienced hobbyists, too!


  1. Pick your graphic
  2. Make a few simple choices
  3. Your design is ready to stitch!

Unfortunately there is NO trial version for Buzz-2-Stitches because it uses a security dongle instead of a serial number & key. However, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please check our return policy for complete details.


  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP with latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
  • For complete list of system requirements, click the Features tab below.
  • How to Run Buzz-2-Stitches on a MAC


Buzz-2-Stitches is the EASIEST way to turn graphics into beautiful embroideries with just a few simple choices. Great for beginning and experienced hobbyists!

  • Easy wizard-based digitizing program makes the best choices based on the style of the original graphic.
  • Creates regular embroideries, applique or cross-stitch motifs.
  • Use preset cloth types to set correct density and under stitching defaults.
  • Advanced settings for density adjustment, fill compensation and more.
  • NEW Save and Repeat feature allows you to quickly process graphic after graphic using the same settings.
  • NEW Open and import designs which allows design segments to be digitized separately and then merged for more flexibility
  • UPDATED formats, thread palettes and new Embroidery hoops including JEF and PES hoops.
  • IMPROVED embroidery hoop handling with hoop rotation and the ability to hide hoops that you don't use.
  • NEW Print worksheets function creates a detailed printout to show you color breaks for better thread selections and more efficient time at the machine
  • Save designs in 13 popular home embroidery formats. Import 22 formats.

New with Toolkit 4

What a great program! Buzz-2-Stitches is quick and easy to use and the designs stitch out great. I LOVE it!

-- Molly Branch Machine Embroidery Enthusiast

Features Include

It's Easy to Get Great Results
  • Easy to use program wizard guides you through simple choices
  • Pre-configured styles for easy to create embroidery designs
    • Cartoon Style Clipart (shown above)
    • Outline Only Line Art
    • Text Only Graphics
    • Illustrations
    • Photographs
  • Appliqué feature lets you create an appliqué designs from simple clipart or shapes
  • Cross-Stitch motif feature lets you create designs that look and feel like hand work
  • Set the size of your embroidery design regardless of the size of your graphic
  • Basic Editing - Change thread colors, color stitching order, rotate and flip
  • Use preset cloth types to set correct density and under stitching for a variety of fabrics and weights or create your own custom cloth types
Optional Advanced Features
  • Adjust density of all stitches simultaneously, satin regions and/or fill regions
  • Adjust fill compensation for overall design pull, within satin and/or filled regions
  • Modify under stitching types to match your preferences
  • Accessible directly from BuzzEdit (sold separately) for instant access to BuzzEdit's advanced editing features
And More...
  • Buzz Tools quality you have come to appreciate and rely on
  • Includes complete documentation, video tutorials and 1 year free technical support
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System Requirements

  • Windows 98 thru Windows 10 -- 32-bit & 64-bit versions
  • Open USB Port for security dongle (included)
  • 16 MB Hard Drive Space

Click to watch a brief video demo and then be taken to a page of FREE Buzz-2-Stitches created embroidery design samples.

I have used a few other much more expensive programs but they were nowhere as easy or detailed as Buzz-2-Stitches. It is great for the cartoons that I do. -- Doug FinegoodHome Embroidery Enthusiast

Buzz-2-Stitches Screen Shots & Report Samples

Here are just a few sample Buzz-2-Stitches screens and reports. Click on any screen to view it full size.Click on the X to close the model window and return to this page.

Buzz-2-Stitches Workspace

The Workspace

The Buzz-2-Stitches workspace includes a work window (right) and a preview window on the left. You'll also find the patented stitches-in-space window at the bottom of the screen.

Actual Size Pop-up

Preview your design in beautiful 3-D threads.

Actual Size Preview

The Actual Size pop-up window shows a preview of your design in beautiful 3-D.

Graphic style options make it easy!

Just select the style of your graphic for the best default settings.

Graphic to Stitches Wizard

The Graphic to Stitches wizard makes it easy to use the program. Just follow the dialog and make a few simple choices to create beautiful embroidery designs.

Printed Templates

Cut out your paper template and tape to your project before you hoop.

Printed Templates

Buzz-2-Stitches prints actual size templates of your finished design for simple embroidery design placement on your projects.

Supported Embroidery Formats

Opens & Saves
  • Buzz Tools / BUZ
  • Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco 500 / PEC
  • Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco 500 / PES
  • Compucon / XXX
  • Elna Xpressive, Xquisite / EMD
  • Janome New Home / JEF
  • Janome New Home / SEW
  • Melco Explanded /EXP
  • Pfaff / PCS
  • Pfaff / VIP
  • Pfaff / VP3
  • Poem / Singer EU, Viking Huskygram / CSD
  • Singer PSW / XXX
  • Singer / PEC
  • Singer / PES
  • Tajima / DST
  • Viking Husqvarna / HUS
  • Viking Husqvarna / VIP
  • Viking Husqvarna / VP3
  • White / PEC
  • White / PES
Opens Only - You will have to save in one of the above formats
  • Bernina Artista / ART versions 1-6
  • Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco 500 / PHC
  • Janome New Home / JEF+ save as JEF format for these machines
  • Pfaff / PCQ
  • Great Notions Condensed / GNC
  • Melco Condensed / CND
  • OESD Condensed / OEF
  • Viking Husqvarna / SHV

Graphic Formats Supported

  • Compuserve Graphics Interchange Format / GIF
  • Jpeg / JPG
  • Paintbrush / PCX
  • Portable Network Graphics / PNG
  • Tagged Image Format File / TIF
  • Windows Bitmap / BMP
  • Windows Enhanced Metafile / EMF
  • Windows Metafile / WMF


The following comments were submitted by users of Buzz-2-Stitches. We'd love to include yours! Submit your comments now!

What a great program! Buzz-2-Stitches is quick and easy to use and the designs stitch out great! I LOVE it.

Molly Branch - Machine Embroidery Enthusiast from Seattle, WA

I have used a few other much more expensive programs but they were nowhere as easy or detailed as Buzz-2-Stitches. It is great for the cartoons that I do.

Doug Finegood - Home Embroidery Enthusiast

I use BuzzEdit constantly to help me in my designing and editing for my creations that feature on my website. It is simple and fast to use. Actually it inspired me to expand on my ideas for designs. I could not do without BuzzEdit and BuzzSize. Then you come to Buzz-2-Stitches -- just AMAZING. This program sends me into a designing frenzy, as shown on my website. Love them ALL ... Thanks Buzz Tools!

Lynn Ruggles - Letz Rock Embroidery

I started out using Buzz Tools about 7 years ago; now I have Buzz-2-Stitches and am crazy about it. I like manual punch but, when I'm in a hurry, this is the program.

Carol Sansone - Embroidery Enthusiast

It is so cool - I copied a flower from the WG site - made some changes in paint and turned it into a embroidery design - Stitched it out and it looks great. What fantastic software.

Karen Campbell - Home Embroidery Hobbyist

Well I have great news for all of my Buzz Tools family. I just bought Buzz 2 Stitches and LOVE it. What would we ever do with out all of you folks.

LaChresia Bogardus - Home Hobbyist

Just what I needed - a quick and easy way to make embroidery designs from graphics. The designs stitched out great. Buzz-2-Stitches made really me look good! Thanks Buzz Tools.

Andrea Anderson - Home Hobbyist, Texas

If I can do this, so can you! Buzz-2-Stitches has just a few simple options. I just picked out a free clip art off, downloaded it to my computer and opened it in Buzz-2-Stitches. In just a minute I was sewing it out on my machine. Way cool!

Collen Lemke - Grandmother and Home Hobbyist from Wilmette, IL

I got Buzz-2-Stitches for Christmas present and wasn't sure I was going to be able to use it as I am not very good with computers. However, I tried it out using one of the supplied graphics and the cross-stitch option. The result was terrific and now I am finally able to create my own designs. It has saved me a lot of money as I no longer have to purchase every design I desire. I can make them myself! Thanks for the great program.

Angie Dikerson - Elementary School Teacher from Washington State