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Design Editing

BuzzEdit Embroidery Design Editing & Manual Digitizing Software

A BuzzEdit 4 Toolkit Product


Stitch Editor - Auto-Hoop - Layout - Customize - Auto-Design Creator - Manually Digitize

You will be amazed at what you can do with BuzzEdit. It's a powerful stitch editor, an auto-hooping program, a layout program, a basic digitizing program and more!

Upgrade from BuzzEdit v3 - US $95
Upgrade from BuzzEdit v1 or v2 - US $130
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BuzzSize - Embroidery Design Resizing & Density Adjustment

A BuzzEdit 4 Toolkit Product


Enlarge - Shrink - Adjust Density - Recalculate

Easily resize your embroidery designs or adjust stitch density while preserving the original fill pattern. The number of stitches is recalculated to give you the best possible results.

Upgrade from BuzzSize v2 - US $60
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