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BuzzXplore v2 Tutorial

How to Write USB Embroidery Drives

The BuzzXplore embroidery drive writing wizard makes it easy to write USB embroidery drives for use in a variety of embroidery machines. 

  1. Insert your USB drive into the computer.
  2. Select a file or files in the display plane and click the Copy to Holding Area button. You can navigate to other folders and keep adding files to the holding area. In the example below, five files have been selected and copied to the holding area. The files can be in any embroidery format.

  3. The Click the Write to card button and the Write Embroidery Card wizard opens.

    Card Wizard

  4. Choose your machine/format from the drop down list. Under drive choose the drive of your USB Thumb drive.
  5. Click Finish on the confirmation dialog and BuzzXplore converts the files in the holding area and writes them onto the USB drive.