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Organize, Convert & Catalog

Best Selling Embroidery Design Management software You can convert formats, view thumbnails, unzip, drag-n-drop to organize. Prints catalogs & templates too!

BuzzWord 4

Add Lettering & Layout Designs

Personalize your embroidery projects with 49 built-in letters. Quick access to your stitch based alphabet designs. Loaded with lettering features, this software is sure to please all user levels.

BuzzEdit 4

Edit Designs & Manually Digitize

You will be amazed at what you can do with BuzzEdit. It's a powerful stitch editor, an auto-hooping program, a layout program, a basic digitizing program and more!

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Other Neat Stuff

BuzzSize 4

Resize Designs & Adjust Stitch Density

Easily resize your embroidery designs or adjust stitch density while preserving the original fill pattern. Recalculates the number of stitches for best results.


Auto-Digitize Designs

It's easy to turn graphics into beautiful embroideries with just a few simple choices. Great for beginning and experienced hobbyists!

Windows Font Add-on

for BuzzWord

This special add-on feature pack allows you to create embroidery lettering from the HUNDREDS of Windows fonts already on your computer!**