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General Buzz Tools Software Tutorial

How to Run Buzz Tools Software on a MAC

MAC computer

Buzz Tools Embroidery Software was designed to run on Windows systems but it can also be used on a MAC. However, Microsoft Windows must be added to the MAC to allow it to run in its native Windows environment. We do not plan to add a MAC specific versions of our software.

To run Windows on a MAC requires an additional piece of MAC software. One such solution that has been tested by our loyal Buzz Tools customers is Parallels Desktop for the MAC. There may be other solutions that will also work for you. Parallels Desktop is available from Parallels. In addition to Parallels, you will also need a Windows installation disc and a valid Windows license. We suggest Windows 7 or 8 but Windows 10 is also reported to work.

Follow These Steps

For more complete and up to date information, visit the Parallels website.

  1. Purchase Windows (this is not included in Parallels Desktop but is required for its operation).
  2. Purchase a license for Parallels Desktop for your MAC.
  3. Download and install Parallels Desktop onto your MAC. It should be in your downloads folder.
  4. During the installation of Parallels, you will be asked to insert your Windows installation CD and you will be required to enter your Windows product key.
  5. When you click on the Parallels icon, your MAC switches to a Windows virtual machine.
  6. You can now download and install your Buzz Tools software just as if you were running Windows from a PC.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you download and try one of our free 21-day trials prior to purchase. They are available so customers can try before they buy and it will ensure that your software is working correctly on your MAC. Buzz Tools software with 21-day trials are non-refundable. Please see our return policy for complete details.