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Embroidery Design Transfer System

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Read or write PES / HUS Embroidery Cards

With the BuzzBox embroidery transfer system, embroidery hobbyists can transfer digitized designs to the BuzzCard - a high capacity re-writable memory card (included).

The BuzzBox design transfer system reads pre-programmed embroidery cards, embroidery designs downloaded from the internet or purchased on CD's or floppies. For PES or HUS formatted embroidery machines. Click on the Supported Embroidery Machines tab below for a complete list.


64-BIT SYSTEMS: may need to download Updated Buzz Box driver.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee! Please check our return policy for complete details.


  • Buzz Tools designed card writing software
  • PES Formatted Embroidery Machines: Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, Simplicity, and White 3300 machines
  • HUS Formatted Embroidery Machines (all Viking except Designer Series)
  • Writes any number of designs per card - not software limited.
  • Includes Reader/Writer Box, USB cable, software installation CD, high capacity 1 MB re-writable memory card
  • Does NOT digitize designs or convert embroidery formats
  • Works with BuzzXplore so you write embroidery cards directly from BuzzXplore (sold separately). BuzzXplore will also add design conversion capabilities.
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BuzzBox is wonderful! I was able to use my Bernina Deco 600 embroidery machine again (it has not been used since 2007) without spending hundreds of $$ to upgrade to PED. Thank you for creating this machine!

-- Molly Branch Machine Embroidery Enthusiast

Writing Embroidery Cards is EASY with the BuzzBox

BuzzBox Screen Shots & Report Samples

Here are just a few sample BuzzBox screens and dialogs. Click on any screen to view it full size. Click on the X to close the model window and return to this page.

BuzzBox Workspace

The Workspace

The BuzzBox includes an easy to navigate folder tree (right) and a folder contents pane in the middle. Click on a design to view a preview on the top right. To transfer designs to the holding area, just select and click the down arrow. You can continue to navigate to multiple folders and collect your designs. When ready, just click the Write to Card icon.

Write Embroider Card Dialog

Write Embroidery Card Dialog

When you write your embroidery card, we remind you that it will be overwritten with the new designs and you can either click OK or Cancel.

Embroidery Card Reading

PES / HUS Embroidery Card Reading dialog

BuzzBox also reads your Brother and Viking embroidery cards and saves them to your computer hard drive (where allowed by design copyright laws).

Supported Embroidery Formats

HUS Compatibility List by Models & Manufacturers

1+, Iris, Orchidea, Rose

PES Compatibility List by Models & Manufacturers

EM-1, EM-2 ESi-1, ESi-2, ESE, ESE2, ESL, EAC, EMP6, Accent / BL60E, Ellure, Intrigue, BL60E, Espire, Espree, Ellegante, Emore, Esante, Ellageo

Deco 500, Deco 600, Deco 650

PE-100, PE-200, PE-150, PE-150V, PE-170D, PE-180D, PE-190D, SE-270D, SE-425, PE-300S, PE-400D, PE-700, PC-7000, PC-7500, PC-8200, PC-6500, PC-8500, PC-8500D, PR-600, PR-600C/600 II, Super Galaxie2000, Super Galaxie2100, Super Galaxie2100D, Super Galaxie3000, Super Galaxie3000D, ULT2001, ULT2001D, ULT2002D, ULT2003D, Ultima 2002, INNOVIS 500D, INNOVIS 1000, INNOVIS 1500D, INNOVIS 2500D, INNOVIS 4000D

SE1, SE2, SE3

3300, 3300FS, W4400


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Buzz Box is wonderful! I was able to use my Bernina Deco 600 embroidery machine again (it has not been used since 2007) without spending hundreds of $$ to upgrade to PED. Thank you for creating this machine!

Kathleen Schwalb - Home Embroidery Hobbyist from Plano, TX

This cute little card reader / writer box is affordable and does just what I need via an easy to connect USB cord. It also works directly from BuzzXplore which makes it even easier for me to use my embroidery designs. I couldn't be happier! Thanks Buzz Tools!.

Tina Gunderson - Machine Embroidery Enthusiast from Fall City

Thank you for creating the BuzzBox! I can now take my faithful and wonderful Viking 1+ out of embroidery retirement! I am on a fixed income and couldn't afford to upgrade software I wasn't going to use. I just like getting free designs off the web to stitch on charity quilts. Thanks for all the free designs too!!

Analise W. - from Colorado