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Buzz Tools Plus Vs. BuzzXplore® v2

Embroidery Design Management Software & Successor to Buzz Tools Plus

BuzzXplore® retains all of the Buzz Tools® Plus design management features and adds the features most requested by our Buzz Tools Plus users. Machine embroidery hobbyists will enjoy instant 3-D renderings of designs, and file management in an intuitive and powerful Explorer style interface.

You can think of BuzzXplore as the big brother to Buzz Tools Plus. While it retains all of the features of Buzz Tools Plus, it adds many new exciting features and enhancements. Some of the key new enhancements include:

  • Safely remove duplicate embroidery designs saving your prefered formats.
  • Instant Realistic 3-D Preview - Our realistic 3-D preview is the fastest available so that you can realistically view multiple designs at the same time.
  • Faster access to your designs - Just click on folders to display their contents. You can quickly display different folders by just clicking on them.
  • Addition of most requested features, so you can now sort, cut, copy, paste, rename, and drag-n-drop.
  • Convert to new folder locations while maintaining folder tree structure.
  • Easier File Type Filtering - A file filter pane was added so that you can quickly change which designs types are displayed without having to reselect and reload your catalog.
  • Automatically create over 500 pre-defined folder categories for easy organizing of your designs.
  • Ability to write directly to the BuzzBox (discontinued)
  • Ability to write SHV formatted USB drives and floppies
  • Drive writing wizard makes it easier to write embroidery drives for supported formats.

Buzz Tools Plus is no longer available for purchase and does not support current versions of Windows. It is only shown to compare features with BuzzXplore.


Buzz Tools v4

BuzzXplore 4

Suggested Retail Prices

Full Version Discontinued MSRP $149.95
Upgrade from Buzz Tools Plus v2 or v3 Not Available Request Pricing...
Upgrade for Buzz Tools Plus v4
  OR BuzzXplore Embroidery Edition v1
Not Available Request Pricing...

Formats Supported

Embroidery Formats Supported 23 Formats 29 Formats See List...
Graphics Formats BMP ONLY 8 Graphics Formats See List...
Other Formats TXT RTF & TXT
Optionally Include ZIP'd Files Yes Yes
Include Multiple Formats in the Same Window Yes Yes
Optionally Filter by File Type Yes Yes
Instant update from Files of Type Pane

Browsing Designs

Remembers Last Catalog Yes Yes
Explorer Style Interface with Drag & Drop No Yes
Span Multiple Non-Contiguous Folders Yes Yes
in catalog mode
Toolbar Button Command Access Yes Yes
Realistic 3-D Threads
    • In Actual Size Preview
Yes Yes
    • Entire Catalog
No Yes
Views Possible
    • Thumbnail Images
Yes Yes
in Small, Medium, Large
and Full Window Sizes
    • Actual Size
in same window
in pop-up window
    • Large Icons
No Yes
    • Small Icons
No Yes
    • List View
Yes Yes
    • Detail
Yes Yes
Optional Sewing Information Yes
Color Breaks
Stitch Order
Thread Changes
Number of Stitches
Color Breaks
Stitch Order
Thread Changes
Number of Stitches
Sort Options
    • By File Name
Yes Yes
    • By Date
Yes Yes
    • By File Type
Yes Yes
    • By File Size
Yes Yes
    • By Folder
Always in Folder & File Name Order
Catalog Mode
    • By Design Width
Yes Yes
    • By Design Height
Yes> Yes
    • By Number of Stitches
Yes Yes
    • By Number of Colors
Yes Yes
Design Slide Show Yes Yes
with 3-D option
Fabric Color Settings Yes Yes

Embroidery Drive Writing

Embroidery Drive Writing Wizard No Yes
Writes USB Drives for Embroidery Machines with USB Flash Drive Port No Yes
Writes Compact Flash or ATA Cards No Yes
Writes SHV Formattted Diskettes or USB Drives for use in Designer 1 No Yes


Actual Size Designs Yes
Thumbnail Reports Yes Yes
with 3-D option
Table of Contents Yes Yes
List Report with or without File Names No Yes
Optional Report Header Yes Yes

Design Management

Create Design Notes Yes Yes
Create Individual Design Graphics No Yes
with 3-D option
Launch Other Programs Yes Yes
Supports Multiple Software Packages on the Same Computer Yes Yes
Converts designs, one at a time or by the hundreds Yes
to same directory as
original only
to the directory of choice
See Note 1
Converts on-the-fly if needed Yes Yes


for File Names Yes Yes
for Folders Yes Yes
for Design Notes Yes Yes
Locate Next Folder with Files Yes Yes
Create Catalog of Search Results No Yes
Search in Locations Not Currently Displayed Yes
Searches Current Catalog Only

Organizing Capabilities

Automatically Create a folder tree of over 500 design categories No Yes  
Delete Yes
One at a time
Multiple selected designs
Uses Windows Recycle Bin No
deleted files not recoverable.
Cut No Yes
Copy No Yes
Paste No Yes
Rename No Yes
Extract ZIP'd Designs Yes Yes
Create New Folders No Yes
Create New ZIP Archives No Yes
Drag-and-Drop No Yes
Right Click Menu Pop-ups No Yes
Multi-Purpose Design Holding Area No Yes

ZIP'd File Support

Browse ZIP'd Designs Yes Yes
Extract ZIP'd Designs Wizard Yes Yes
Convert ZIP'd Designs Yes Yes
Drag & Drop to Unzipping Convenience No Yes
Create New ZIP Archives No Yes

Embroidery Tools

PES Fit Hoop Yes Yes
PES Fix Card Data Yes Yes
PES Convert to Version 1 Yes Yes


Includes BuzzEdit Lite Embroidery Editor Yes
BuzzEdit Lite V2
BuzzEdit Lite 4
Detailed Online Help Yes Yes
Free Knowledge Base Questions and Answers Yes Yes
Free Online Technical Support Yes Yes
Free Program Updates and Bug Fixes See Note Yes Yes

Note 1: Embroidery designs can only be converted to other supported embroidery design formats and cannot be converted from graphics formats. For Graphic to Embroidery, Buzz-2-Stitches software or similar is required.

Note 2: Updates with the current version number are free. Upgrades to the next version number have an associated cost unless you qualify for a free upgrade with a recent purchase.