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Buzz-2-Stitches 4 Tutorial

Creating Designs with Running Stitch Outlines
by Lisa Laufer

In order to auto-digitize a design with a running stitch outline, you'll need a graphic with a thin, even width outline. If the outline is uneven or too thick, Buzz-2-Stitches will use a satin stitch outline as the program attempts to fill in what it thinks are details.

Note: We're using the Cartoon Style setting with the "thin, even width outline" option which was made specifically for auto-digitizing running stitch outlines.

Find an Appropriate Graphic

The graphic we are using in this tutorial is from and it works well for auto-digitizing a design with a running outline because it contains a thin, even width outline - as long as we don't try to create too large of an embroidery design that is! When a graphic is enlarged, all areas of the art become taller and wider. In the case of an outline, this means that the outline will fatten - maybe even to the point that Buzz-2-Stitches can no create a running stitch outline.

Choose the Correct Design Size

Compare the embroidery designs below. The design on the left was digitized at a size appropriate for the width of the outline. For the design on the right, we doubled the size of the design to illustrate how the outline is affected when a graphic is enlarged too much.

Need a bigger size? If you need the resulting embroidery in the larger size you have three choices.

  1. You could edit the graphic to narrow the outlines.
  2. You can create the design in a smaller size and then enlarge it with an embroidery resizer such as BuzzSize. This will ensure that the running stitch outline and fill patterns are preserved.
  3. Lastly, you can settle for a satin stitch outline in which case, just uncheck the "thin, even width outline" option.

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