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BuzzEdit 4 Tutorial

Creating Redwork Designs without Digitizing

You do not need to know how to digitize to create unique and individualized embroidery designs. BuzzEdit provides full featured design editing. With it you can select colors, any run of stitches, and even individual needle points! This give you ultimate power to modify and customize embroidery designs so that they don't look like anyone else's.

Creating a redwork design from an existing design is the EASIEST way to create a design from an existing one. If you have designs with outlines in your embroidery design collection then you can easily double that number. The trick is to find designs with good detailed outlines. In fact, designs over powered by their outlines usually make great redwork designs.

This beautiful embroidery design is an example of a design that works great as redwork. Download this free design if you would like to try this yourself. After you open your design, take a look at the Stitch Length bar in Stitches-in-Time. If the outline doesn't have very many vertical spikes in it, then it doesn't have very many jumps and will stitch cleanly.

canidate for redwork

This design is a good candidate for turning into redwork.

After deleting all of the fill stitches

After deleting all of the fill stitches

To create a redwork design, simply delete all of the fill stitches! Double click on a color on the color bar to select it and then simply press the delete key on your keyboard.

Now take a fresh look at your embroidery design stash and try to make some new redwork designs of your own.