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How to Explore Your Designs

This tutorial will guide you through the basic step by step instructions needed to navigate the folder tree or contents pane in BuzzXplore. We recommend that you give it a try if you aren't already familiar with this process.

BuzzXplore Icon
  1. Start BuzzXplore by double clicking the BuzzXplore icon located on your computer desktop. Alternatively, you can use the program menu from the Windows® Start button and navigate to Programs > BuzzTools > BuzzXplore.
  1. Xplorer Mode.
    The first time you start BuzzXplore, your files are shown in a familiar Windows Explorer style interface. The Contents pane on the right, displays the contents of the current folder. The Folder pane on the lower left lists the folders and drives on your computer. The upper left pane is the File Filter pane where you can limit the number of files displayed by filtering your files by file type. Don’t worry about File Filter pane now; we will discuss it in the next section.

    BuzzXplore Workspace

  2. Explore Drives and Folders.
    Using the Folder pane, click on the drives and folders you want to explore.

    Explore Folder Tree

  3. Expand Folder Listings.
    Click on a + to expand a listing and display the folders and ZIP archive files it contains.
  4. Collapse Folder Listings.
    Click on a to collapse a listing and to hide the folders and ZIP archive files it contains.
  5. Display Folder Contents.
    Click on any folder to see a listing of its contents displayed in the right Contents pane.
  6. Browse Files.
    You can use the PgUp and PgDn keys to page up or down through the files in the Contents pane.

NOTE:ZIP archives are a special type of file that store other files in a compressed format. BuzzXplore displays ZIP archives as folders in the Folder pane of BuzzXplore. To view the contents of a ZIP archive file, click on it just as you would a folder. Its contents are displayed in the right Contents pane.