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General Buzz Tools Software Tutorial

How to Save Older Embroidery File Versions

Did you know that the Buzz Tools programs can save older versions of the many embroidery formats? This may be required if you have discontinued or old versions of your embroidery software, such as PED Basic, that only supports older versions of a format.

We see this most often for the PES format but it can apply to other formats as well. it is important if you have a PES file that will not open into your PED Basic or other software. Of course the most current native PES software (Palette or PE Design) support the various versions but other programs you use may not. This is true of other formats as well. If you are running older software, you may need to save

We will be using the PES format in the following examples. Use the same procedure for any other format you need in an earlier version.

In BuzzXplore:
You may "downgrade" the PES to a lower version by selecting theBuzzTools > PES Tools > PES v1 wizard. This will save the PES file into the lowest possible version.
In BuzzWord, BuzzEdit, Buzz-2-Stitches or BuzzSize:
You can open a PES format design, select File > Save As and choose the version from the drop down menu under the filename. Please note that if you have a design that is saved to a hoop that did not exist or is not supported in the version selected it may not save properly OR it may not be able to be read by the software/machine

Please be aware that this will "lock" the design to a stitch file - that is any objects created in the design by the native program will not be saved. All the stitches will be there, but if there were any objects created and saved by the native PES software, they will not be able to be edited in that PES software as objects.