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General Buzz Tools Software Tutorial

How to Save a Stitch File

So you want to save a BUZ working file as the stitch based file used by your embroidery machine but you don't know where to start, right? Guess what, it's easier than you think and can be done from many Buzz Tools software programs. So just scroll down this list to find your program and follow the step by step instructions. In no time you will be sewing!

Using BuzzXplore

A Few at a Time
  1. Locate the BUZ file on your computer and click on the design in the contents page to select it. Use SHIFT click and CONTROL click to select multiple files in the same folder. When they are selected they will have a bright blue border.
  2. Save as a stitch file using BuzzTools > Convert Embroidery Designs.
Batch Conversion
For batch conversion I find it is easiest to convert from one format to another if I limit my view to only the source format before I start. It;s easy to do with the File Filter located in the upper left of the BuzzXplore window directly above the folder tree.
  1. Set the file filter to display only BUZ files by clicking on the file filter squares until only the BUZ format is selected (when selected the box is blue). If the file filter isn't there, use the File > Filter File Types to display it.
  2. Now select the folder in the tree you want to convert. Sub-folders can be processed at the same time - isn't that slick?
  3. Save to a stitch file using BuzzTools > Convert Embroidery Designs.

NOTE: When you are done converting, don't forget to adjust your file filter so all your designs are visible or the conversion might look like it failed. Should I mention how many times this comes up in a tech support email? Naw - I better not.

Using BuzzEdit or BuzzWord

One at a Time
Batch conversion is not available in BuzzEdit or BuzzWord. But you can easily save your BUZ work file as a stitch file.
  1. Using File > Open, navigate to the desired BUZ file and open it in your software. You'll notice that although it was a working file, it is opened in a workspace of a different format. That format was the one used by the person who created this design.
  2. To save in a new format use the File > Save As... command. The workspace will be updated to reflect the new format and the closest match for a hoop will be selected.
  3. If you need to change the hoop, use the View > Hoop Properties... command.