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Product Reviews

The following comments were submitted by users of BuzzXplore. We'd love to include yours! Submit your comments now!

I have purchased, installed and am enjoying BuzzXplore v4!!! Even have all my embroidery designs in it!!! I did not realize my designs would be there!!! Wow! Thanks for this fine piece of equipment!!

Emily Baugh, 87 year old embroidery hobbyist

Oh my gosh, I love "BuzzXplore"!! I couldn't live without it.

For about 10 years I worked with the Martha Pullen Company as a Quality Assurance representative for all of their embroidery designs and always used your software to assist me in checking and approving their final designs. I retired about two years ago but still have contact on a regular basis with the girl I was partners with at that company. I would be very sad to not have the latest version of BuzzXplore. My partner and I always used your software to generate multi-formats for special work we were involved in creating.

Will be anxious to check out new software you are coming out with. Thank you for notifying me so I can continue reviewing the great software packages. I made sure that I responded to stay on the Newsletters. Again, thank you for all your wonderful software offered. Love, love, it.

Janet McCord

I have been a BuzzXplore devotee forever. So easy, and beats the more expensive ones hands down.

Betty Sharwood

I absolutely would not get as much use out of my embroidery machine if I didn't have Buzz Tools software. I keep my files organized with BuzzXplore. I have a folder set up for each category, for instance Horses. When I bring up horses, my collection is right there. Under my floral folder I have a subfolder for each variety of flower, rose, lily, violet, etc.

BuzzEdit with BuzzSize installed allows me resize, change colors, change stitch density, remove parts of a design, print a template for placement, etc. I just couldn't do without it. By using the template I can place it exactly in the right place in the hoop.

I am a quilter and use BuzzWord for all kinds of projects. It makes beautiful labels for my quilts. I usually design the wording on my label and add a border or corner design to make the label look really nice.

All in all I would definitely recommend Buzz products.

Carol Smith

Have recently bought BuzzXplore and BuzzSize and can't believe how user friendly they both are. I just love them and won't use any other program in the future.

Carol Pountney from Cambridge, United Kingdom

I am a Janome and Artista digitizer and sell designs on my websites as well as teach software and embroidery. All of my students are always amazed at the "cool" program that shows me the photos I am looking for and the photos of all of the formats of my designs and so much more. Even though both the programs I have do a tiny style of this it is not even close to what BuzzXplore does. Each conversion is clean and works like a charm no matter WHAT the format. I keep my original format stored and then make a conversion ONE time to each customers format so they get a clean conversion every time.

If I knew when I started embroidery that BuzzXplore was out there it would have been the ONLY program I would bought besides my digitizing programs. It is the ONLY program I use for my teaching and my business now. I won't open my computer if I can't open BuzzXplore. I started with Buzz Tools and got BuzzXplore shortly after it came out and have loved it ever since.

BuzzXplore is so easy to use. Works much like Windows Explore, but also lets me make folders, drag and drop, make zips, do conversions, look into zips, check my camera photos, read and create text files, catalogs my designs, and even prints out catalogs with full information for shows and such.

You can't go wrong with BuzzXplore, the program and the support are unbeatable. There is no way to show me jumping up and down is there? LOL!!!!

Lyn Christian - © A Design By Lyn

BuzzXplore is really awesome. You have ALL the functions of Buzz Tools Plus PLUS all the functions you can do in Windows Explorer and it is right there in BuzzXplore. You can make new folders on your hard drive, delete folders AND files, copy, cut (move designs) and paste, RENAME files and folder and don't forget the 3D viewing capabilities.

Don't forget, you have the greatest support from the Buzz Tools people if you ever run into questions and/or problems with all of their software products. Give it a try!!!

Jan Smith - Freelance Embroidery Educator from Diamond Bar, CA

Whoever designed BuzzXplore is just too cool for words!! I ordered this program mainly for the conversion aspect. I needed to convert from .art format to .hus. (Even the Husqvarna program doesn't do that.) Meanwhile, I have had more fun playing with this program. It is sooo great seeing all of my designs together, regardless of format. This is an exceptionally easy program to use. Absolutely fantastic!!

Sara Halo - Home Hobbyist

I just received Buzz Explore and I love it! Someone was really thinking like a home embroiderer when this was designed. It works like a dream. No guessing. When I need any help, the manual answers any questions easily and quickly. GREAT JOB!!! Thanks a million!

Vicki Larson - from Rapid City, SD

BuzzXplore is wonderful and has worked wonders in managing and converting hundreds of my designs.It has worked like hundred aspirins, all headaches gone.

Jagdish Shah, President - Jupiter Exports Embroidery Designs

I had Buzz Tools and felt that the BuzzXplore would be a great upgrade. Haven't used it much with the holidays but when I installed it I was amazed that every design I had on my computer was instantly put in it. I still have the original Buzz Tools on my computer, but am going to delete it soon. (Along with some other similar programs as I think I've found my one true love)

Pat Rieschick - Embroidery Hobbyist from Falls City, NE NE

Recently received my new BuzzXplore. Thanks to the programmers, you guys have done it again. What a wonderful program. I have been exploring all the new options and features. Wow! I really love all the new features. This program is great. I will be telling everyone about this software.

Nita O'Keefe - Fancy That Designs

The BuzzXplore program is very good! Your display is set up so you can use the scroll bar for each folder. Actually, it is a lot like Windows Explorer. You can have it show ALL the files (not just design files) just like in Windows Explorer with the choices of thumbnails (you can choose what size of thumbnail - 4 settings), large icons, small icons, list or details. Actually you can customize your viewing many ways.

I just found another feature that is sort of fun if you want to make a display for a web page or to show someone what a design will look like, you can have the program make up a BMP picture of your design. This could be quite helpful for those who want to show their designs on different backgrounds (another thing you can set in the program).

You can move, copy, cut, paste files all around (not just design files) so it makes it very easy to organize your design files just like you want - including making up new folders to help your with your organization. It even shows other file types like JPG or anything else that might be in a Zip file so you can tell what else is included in anything you download.

There are many other features that are much like Windows Explorer that I won't get into - I'll let you find them when you get the program :-) Yes, it still does all the wonderful things that Buzz Tools Plus does and so much more. PLUS you also get 3 designs from Murphy's Designs that you can't get any where else :-))) OK, so there are a few more companies too but I am so honored (can you tell?) to be selected to be included in this program.

Yikes! I was only going to write a few words. Sorry for the long review but the more I use this program, the more I like it :-))

Murphy (Marian Ecker) - Embroidery Designer

I have Buzz Tools Plus, which I bought locally. My latest purchase was Buzz Explore and I truly love it. It is just what I have been waiting for. I would also like to add that they allow their patrons to download updates to their programs for free. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thanks for giving me a chance to share.

Polly Sargent - Embroidery Hobbyist

BuzzXplore is another great product from the Buzz Tools line. I love the 3-D rendering of designs. It is so fast! It is going to be another grand addition to my embroidery software collection.

Penny Muncaster-Jewell - Author and certified educator of Brother PE-Design software

The new BuzzXplore, is a pleasure to use, it makes working with a large number of embroidery files a breeze. Thank You.

Ron Stevens - Embroidery Hobbyist from Warrenville, Illinois