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BuzzEdit 3

Use the Help > About command to find out what version of the software you are running.

Version History

3.16b Release Notes

  • UPDATED: The update program now uses new 2017 server credentials.

3.15 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Occasional crash with drawing an object that impacted some users without BuzzWord.

3.14 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Issue with .buz file writing that prevented fill type, satin vs fill, from being saved.

3.13 Release Notes

  • UPDATED: For owners of BuzzWord and the TrueType Font Add-on, allows use of TrueType fonts from BuzzEdit.

3.12 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Rare crash on Windows 8.1 when drawing stitch direction for digitized shapes.
  • UPDATED: Background graphic size / position to use inches or mm based on users global settings.

3.11 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Rare crash on opening the program.

3.10 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Bug where BuzzEdit installation without BuzzWord would get a font missing error when opening a .buz file.
  • FIXED: Adjusted the Welcome dialog to have more room for customer name.
  • FIXED: Some PES files with read issues.

3.08 Release Notes

  • ADDED: Underlay options for BuzzWord text on "Text Advanced" tab of Object Properties.
  • ADDED: Support for BuzzWord Font Packs.
  • Improved digitizing for object creating.
  • FIXED: Bug where custom hoop information was not being saved.

3.07 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Crash that occurred when tabbing around the Digitizing Properties dialog
  • FIXED: Windows 8 crash that sometimes occurs when BuzzEdit is open and user switches to Windows Metro

3.06 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Error reading some PES v9 files.
  • FIXED: Command BuzzTools>Multi-Hoops>Automatically Split for Multi-hoop... Some stitches were assigned to the wrong hoop.

3.05 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Error reading some VP3 files.
  • Improved alignment stitches for multi-hoops
  • UPDATED: Set the Update program to the location of the new server

3.04 Release Notes

  • ADDED: Updated User's Guide.
  • ADDED: Anew button to the top toolbar in order to make it clearer whether the user is in object mode or in stitch mode.
  • UPDATED: Changed logic for ordering stitches when drawing objects: Place the object at the insertion cursor shown in the Stitches-in-Time pane. The insertion cursor is at the end of the design if there is no selection. Otherwise the insertion cursor is the last selected stitch. The user can set the insertion cursor by clicking in the timeline.
  • Improved the appearance of the Open and Save File dialogs.
  • Improved rotation of Ellipse and Rectangle objects.
  • ADDED: Janome ASQ hoop (180x180) for JEF files
  • FIXED: Bug in for reading PES files with non-brother threads.

3.03 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Intermittent crash during File Open

3.01 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Error reading some .vp3 files.
  • ADDED: several new JEF hoops.
  • ADDED: support for .art50 and .art60 files.
  • UPDATED: BuzzXplore v2.07 "Open With BuzzEdit" now opens into BuzzEdit v3 if BuzzEdit v3 is installed and authorized.

3.00 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Numerous small bug fixes
  • ADDED: Program modifications required to hook into BuzzWord.
  • ADDED: Program modifications required for download versions