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Use the Help > About command to find out what version of the software you are running.

Version History

2.08k Release Notes

  • UPDATED: The update program now uses new 2017 server credentials.

2.08h Release Notes

  • FIXED: Rare crash during program open.

2.08 Release Notes

  • Minor changes to installer.

2.07 Release Notes

  • UPDATED: Various changes required for Windows 7

2.06 Release Notes

  • NEW: Added support for JEF+, VP3, and PES v8 files, along with various new hoops.
  • NEW: Added improved support for Windows Vista including updated help.
  • FIXED: Problem with Help/Check for Update command and renamed update program to bs2updater.exe Assorted update program improvements were added.
  • UPDATED: Removed disabled BuzzEdit lite commands in order to clean up interface.
  • UPDATED: Online help with new / revised commands.

2.05 Release Notes

  • NEW: Added JEF large hoop support

2.04 Release Notes

  • ADDED: PES 6 Support

2.02 Release Notes

  • ADDED: Maintain fill effect when resizing
  • ADDED: Improvements to change density tool