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BuzzXplore 2

Use the Help > About command to find out what version of the software you are running.

Version History

2.14d Release Notes

  • UPDATED: The update program now uses new 2017 server credentials.

2.12 Release Notes

  • UPDATED: Reads .buz files from latest versions of BuzzWord and BuzzEdit.
  • UPDATED: Adjusted BuzzXplore context menu item on folders. Now the context menu item no longer appears on non-file folders like the recycle bin. Also the context menu item appears when user click in an empty part the right (file) pane in Windows Explorer. The uninstaller removes the BuzzXplore context menu item.

2.11 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Locate in Text search command Version 2.10 - July 14, 2014 ! Fixed reading some PES v9 files.

2.10 Release Notes

  • FIXED: reading some PES v9 files.

2.09 Release Notes

  • ADDED: support for latest .buz files.
  • FIXED: PES files and VP3 files
  • UPDATE: For debugging, <shift><alt>D prompts for a folder and copies the files BuzzXplore2.rpt and BuzzXplore2.ini to the folder.
  • UPDATED: When switching between 'Catalog Files' and 'Catalog Folders' BX was not updating the folder status
  • FIXED: Zip bug that occasionally caused an occasional crash

2.08 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Reading of some PES v9 files.
  • ADDED: If passed a command line argument of '/R', BuzzXplore will reset all of its settings. This an be used if BuzzXplore is crashing on startup.

2.07 Release Notes

  • FIXED: File/Open With BuzzEdit now opens into BuzzEdit v3 if BuzzEdit v3 is installed and authorized.
  • ADDED: Ability to read BuzzEdit v3 .buz files and open them into BuzzEdit with File/Open With BuzzEdit.
  • ADDED: Added several new JEF hoops.
  • ADDED: Hemmingworth thread palette.
  • FIXED: Reading BuzzWord .buz Envelope objects.
  • FIXED: Reading some .vp3 files.
  • ADDED: New PES 9 hoops.

2.06 Release Notes

  • ADDED: Writing SHV files to non-floppy disks.
  • IMPROVED: " xxx" file conversion.
  • IMPROVED: Reading of PES version 9 files

2.05 Release Notes

  • FIXED: Issue where read-only files were getting stuck in the holding area.

2.04 Release Notes

  • FIXED: bug in BuzzTools->Extract Zip’d Files
  • FIXED: “Add Hoop” control on the “Conversion Hoops” page of the “BuzzTools->Convert Embroidery Files…” menu option.
  • FIXED: Issue opening large .art files into BuzzEdit.d.