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BuzzEdit 4 Toolkit - What's New?

Prior to this release, all related products (BuzzEdit, BuzzSize, BuzzWord and Buzz-2-Stitches) had separate source code. This meant that when a new hoop was added to one program, it also needed to be added separately to the other three. This caused issues with keeping the products up to date and in sync with each other. As of Toolkit version 4, the source code has been merged and a lot of effort went into this release in ways that may not be immediately obvious. However this change means that all programs will be updated at the same time with new hoops, formats and features.

Although you are not required to update your existing software, by updating you ensure that you will receive support and product fixes such as those that are sometimes needed to for new versions of Windows. In order to work together in one seamless interface, all Toolkit products must be running at version 4. Here is what has improved and/or changed with the various toolkit products.

All Toolkit Products

  • Source Code Changes
    • Consolidated source code makes it easier for to update software with bug fixes, hoops and formats. In addition, all Toolkit products run from the same program eliminating the need to install multiple programs.
    • Improved licensing makes sure that license keys are recorded and can be retrieved quickly by the user.
  • Hoops
    • New hoops added to JEF and PES formats
    • Hoop names have been updated so that it is easier to locate the embroidery hoop you need
    • Hoops now show only one orientation and can easily be rotated by checking a box which makes the hoop list smaller and more manageable.
    • Hide embroidery hoops that are not supported by your embroidery machine or hoops you don't have.
  • Program Interface
    • Updated main toolbar makes toolbar buttons easier to select. If you have a low resolution display, you can toggle to the smaller more condensed toolbar.
    • Increase the size of resizing nodes and object nodes slightly making them easier to grab.
    • Increase the size of stitches when zoomed in which is better for higher resolution displays and makes it easier for a single stitch to be grabbed.
    • Added support for all Toolkit products combinations and customized menus for these options. Products now open in the same workspace regardless of what products are activated. (In the past products only combined when BuzzEdit was one of the products.)
    • Increased the number of recent files from 4 to 6
  • Improved Documentation
    • Created one comprehensive combined help document that now includes the information once contained in the printed manuals. The help topics are also available in a PDF format which can be printed by the user.
  • BuzzEdit Specific
    In addition to the above changes, BuzzEdit also includes:
    • Align Objects - left, center, right, top, middle, bottom
    • Distribute objects vertically or horizontally
  • Buzz-2-Stitches Specific
    In addition to the above, Buzz-2-Stitches also includes:
    • Buzz-2-Stitches can now open and import designs which allows for various parts of an embroidery to be created in parts and later merged
    • Save and Repeat Graphic to Stitches command added. This utility sends keystrokes to the software, saving the current design, restarting the current design and then opening the Select Graphic dialog. Choose your next graphic by double clicking on it and as soon as the dialog closes, the utility takes over send the two "FINISH" keystrokes to the Graphic to Stitches wizard.
    • Convert between embroidery formats
    • Print Worksheets
  • BuzzSize Specific
    In addition to the above, BuzzSize also includes:
    • Print Summery Reports
    • Updated thread palettes (not previously merged into this product).
    • New hoops (not previously merged into this product).